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Date Country Category Report Title
2020.04.13 India Suppliers Production India’s Tire Industry: Despite Shrinking Demand, Major Manufacturers Engage in Business Expansion
2020.04.13 China Japan New Models Sales Japanese Luxury Brands in China: Lexus, Infiniti, Acura Focus on Expanding Their Product Lineup
2020.04.06 Philippines Sales Philippines’ Automobile Market in 2019: Overall Sales Increased 3.7% to 417,000 Units
2020.04.06 India New Models Sales Production Okinawa Autotech Plans to Build Up a Production System of 1 Million Electric Scooters in India
2020.04.06 Japan Sales Japan’s Automobile Market in 2019: Overall Sales Decreased 1.5% to 5.19 Million Units
2020.04.06 China Suppliers Sales Production EVE Energy Received Orders for LIB from Daimler, Kia, Increasing Production Capacity to 52GWh
2020.03.30 India Suppliers Sales Production Rico Auto Industries Enters BEV Parts Sector, Winning Orders from Renault, BMW, PSA
2020.03.30 China S. Korea Production New Models Sales Hyundai Motor Group’s Production Dropped Below 1 Million Units in 2019 in China
2020.03.30 Japan New Models Sales Production Toyota Motor Slightly Declined in the US in 2019, RAV4 Sales Maintained Record High Level
2020.03.30 Indonesia Sales Indonesia’s Automobile Market in 2019: Overall Sales Declined 10.5% to 1.03 million Units
2020.03.23 Japan Suppliers Technology Policy Akebono Brake Industry Closes Plants, Reduces Workforce in Accordance with Revitalization Plan
2020.03.23 India Market India’s Electric Vehicle Segment: Market Expansion, Domestic Production Are Underway
2020.03.23 Thailand Sales Thailand’s Automobile Market in 2019: Overall Sales Dropped 3.3% to 1 million Units
2020.03.23 China New Models Sales Production Toyota Motor Focuses on Capacity, Product Development to Accelerate Electrification in China
2020.03.16 India Sales India’s Automobile Market in 2019: Sales Declined 13% to 3.82 Million Units
2020.03.16 Malaysia Sales Malaysia’s Automobile Market in 2019: Overall Sales Went Up 1% to 600,000 Units
2020.03.16 Japan Sales Toyota Motor Surpassed Its Initial Domestic Target in 2019, Selling 1.61 Million Vehicles
2020.03.16 Indonesia S. Korea Export Import Regulation Hyundai Announced Business Expansion in Indonesia with the IK-CEPA
2020.03.16 China Manufacturers New Models Sales Chery Automobile Focuses on New-energy Vehicle, Connected Technology Development
2020.03.09 China Manufacturers New Models Market China’s SUV Market: Chinese Share Declines; EU, Japanese Companies Expand Sales