AAA weekly - Asia: 7 Countries Automotive Production Monthly Statistics

  • All statistics and data are preliminary figures published by government agencies, industry groups or manufacturers of each country.
  • In order to view these statistics and data, you need a regular subscription to AAA weekly.
  • 2019 and earlier files are free samples and can be viewed without logging in.
  • Files of 2020 and beyond may be only viewed by logged-in subscribers. Charts and graphs are PDF files. Excel data in English are data of the corresponding page published in FOURIN's various Japanese-language monthly reports. You need to enter the monthly password to view either data format. The monthly password is displayed at the left-hand-side of the corresponding row.
  • As stated in "AAA weekly's Copyright Guidelines," it is prohibited to delete or change the monthly passwords.
  • Should any errors or inaccuracies be found, either originating from the source data or as a result of AAA weekly's mistake, the data may be updated or corrected. In data released for February-December, all the figures that have been corrected or changed from the file posted the previous month are displayed in red.
  • Blank boxes indicate either the lack of preliminary data (including graphs) or delay in receiving data at the time of publishing. Please note that such data (or graphs) may be updated or corrected without notice. In data released for February-November, all the figures that have been added to the file posted the previous month are shaded light yellow. In data released for December, all the figures that have been previously shaded light yellow are shaded dark yellow if they were corrected.
  • In case you are unable to view PDF files, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) on your computer.
  • Please strictly adhere to "AAA weekly's Copyright Guidelines" when handling files and data provided.

You are seeing this message because you are either not logged in, or you are logged in but do not have a paid subscription. Subscribers will be able to view and download archived (legacy format) statistics data from a table on this page after logging in. Beginning in 2021 we are switching to a model of emailing statistical data to customers directly based on their plan type, rather than require that they check this page and download multiple separate files. The files that were previously made available to subscribers remain available to them on this page as an archive that will no longer be updated.