AAA weekly Reports

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Our reports cover a wide range of topics on Asia

  • Business trends and market forecast in China, Japan, India and ASEAN
  • Exclusive interviews with automakers, suppliers, policy makers and associations
  • Laws and regulations that impact the automotive industry.
  • Market trends and infrastructure development of electric vehicles (HEV, BEV, PHEV, FCEV)
  • Introduction of Chinese NEV, ADAS and autonomous driving suppliers
  • Safety and environmental trends
  • Business trends and market strategies of Japanese automakers and suppliers around the world
  • Introduction of new companies, products and services
  • M&As, tie-ups and new startups
  • CAFE regulations in China, Japan, India and ASEAN
  • Introduction of new mobility services by startups and major players
  • Statistical data and market trends of specific vehicle types such as cars, SUVs, MPVs, commercial vehicles and motorcycles

Statistics: AAA’s Monthly Automotive Data Service

Statistical Data on Global Automobile Production and Sales

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Our Excel data service consists of four data packages. Statistical data will be sent to your email address every month in Excel format. You may buy any or all the packages in any combination. Buy multiple data packages and receive a discount up to 32%. Data available is as follows.


(40,000 JPY / year)

  • Global automobile production and sales results of all 12 Japanese automakers by region and country.
  • Japan’s sales results of HEV / PHEV passenger vehicles by model / powertrain type and BEV / FCEV passenger vehicles by brand / model.
  • Japan’s sales results of imported HEV / PHEV passenger vehicles by brand and model.


(240,000 JPY / year)

Production and factory shipment results. Data breakdown is as follows:

  • Passenger vehicles / buses / trucks by type / segment
  • Passenger vehicles by maker origin / brand
  • Passenger vehicles by manufacturer / model
  • Passenger vehicles / buses / trucks by group / manufacturer / type
  • Engines by manufacturer / type

Other Asia

(40,000 JPY / year)

Passenger vehicle / commercial vehicle production results for seven countries, and sales results for 10 countries by country / type / brand. Also, brand ranking by production and sales results. Countries covered are:

  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines (sales data only)
  • Singapore (sales data only)
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam (sales data only)


(40,000 JPY / year)

Passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle production results for 24 countries, and sales results for 57 countries by region / country / type. Data available is as follows:

  • North America: USA, Canada, Mexico.
  • South America: Brazil, Argentina, Peru (sales data only), Colombia (sales data only), Chile (sales data only).
  • Western Europe: Germany, France (sales data only), Italy, UK, Spain, Netherlands (sales data only), Belgium, Austria (sales data only), Switzerland (sales data only), Portugal, Denmark (sales data only), Sweden (sales data only), Ireland (sales data only), Greece (sales data only), Finland (sales data only), Norway (sales data only), Luxemburg (sales data only), Iceland (sales data only).
  • Central and Eastern Europe: Poland (sales data only), Czechia, Slovakia (sales data only), Hungary (sales data only), Romania, Slovenia (sales data only), Lithuania (sales data only), Croatia (sales data only), Bulgaria (sales data only), Estonia (sales data only), Latvia (sales data only), Cyprus (sales data only), Russia, Ukraine (sales data only), Turkey.
  • Asia: China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines (sales data only), Singapore (sales data only), Vietnam (sales data only), Japan.
  • Oceania: Australia (sales data only), New Zealand (sales data only).
  • Africa: South Africa (sales data only), Mauritius (sales data only).
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Please note that statistical data is only sold to subscribers of AAA reports.

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