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  • Free browsing area. User registration is not necessary.
  • Titles of several recent reports of AAA weekly are displayed.
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  • Japanese homepage of FOURIN, Inc. (JAPAN).


  • Chinese homepage of Beijing FOURIN Automotive Consulting Co., Ltd. (CHINA)


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  • Application page for subscription.

What is AAA?

  • Brief description of AAA weekly.


  • Detailed introduction of AAA weekly's reports and description of usage.

Statistics / Data

  • Information on Statistics / Data provided by AAA weekly on a regular basis.

How to Use

  • Description of AAA weekly's eligible subscribers and subscription methods.


  • Introduction of AAA weekly's annual subscription fees, payment methods and other features.


  • AAA weekly's copyright guidelines.

About Us

  • Introduction of AAA weekly's publishing company.


  • Inquiry page about AAA weekly.

First Time Users

  • This page.

Site Map

  • Guiding page on AAA weekly's website content.

Asia ~ All

  • AAA weekly reports are classified by country.
  • "Asia" refers to reports with content related to the Asian continent.
  • "All" refers to all reports.
  • Click any of the buttons in this row to view a list of reports with content related to a specific country. The list starts with the most recent report.
  • Click any of the report titles to view the entire report.

Search Reports

  • All report titles and text may be searched by country and category.
  • See the relevant page for more detailed search.
  • Search results are displayed in single lines.
  • Click any of the report titles to view the entire report.

View Favorite Reports

  • Reports whose "Favorite Button" is ON (★) are displayed in descending order, sorted by the date of upload.
  • Click any of the report titles to view the entire report.
  • If the "Favorite Button" is switched to OFF (☆), the report will be deleted from the "Favorite List."

Weekly Graph

  • A new graph related to the Asian automotive industry is uploaded weekly.
  • Generally, a new graph will be uploaded on Monday at 10 am (Japan time).

Sales Overview

  • A composite graph on monthly changes in Asian vehicle sales.

Production Overview

  • A composite graph on monthly changes in Asian vehicle production.

Sales by Country

  • Monthly table showing vehicle sales in Asia by country in PDF format.

Production by Country

  • Monthly table showing vehicle production in Asia by country in PDF format.


  • Reports are grouped into four countries/regions China / Japan / India / ASEAN and other Asian countries, and are displayed on AAA weekly's homepage. At least one report is published each week on each country/region (at least 16 reports monthly).
  • Four or more new reports are uploaded weekly (10 am Monday, Japan time).
  • The word NEW marks reports uploaded this week.
  • Reports with a yellow background may be viewed without user registration.
  • Reports posted within the past one month are displayed here. Please click the country buttons at the top or use search to view earlier reports.


  • The star icon which precedes reports and the Favorite OFF/ON button may be used to mark favorite reports. Click the star icon (☆→★) or the ON button to mark your favorite reports.
  • Click the "View Favorite Reports" button to display your favorite reports.


  • All reports are preceded by a "Print" button.
  • Click this button to print reports.