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About this online publication and who we are

Asian Automotive Analysis (AAA) is an online publication that focuses on Asia’s automotive industry and market as well as on Asian automobile and components makers around the world. Reports are published weekly on China, Japan, India, ASEAN and other Asian countries.

AAA is owned and operated by FOURIN, Inc., a privately-owned research and publishing company, which specializes in the automotive industry and market with over 40 years of business experience. The company is based in Nagoya, Japan with a branch office in Beijing, China. FOURIN is the leading automotive research report publishing company in Japan and China.

FOURIN supplies reports to most automotive enterprises, including not only automakers and auto parts suppliers, but also material suppliers, machinery makers, trading and financial companies, and other entities which have business relation with the automotive industry. Our reports are used as an informative reference for business planning and decision making. Our statistical data are gathered from automotive associations around the world and presented in a well-organized format for business use.

In the fast-paced and rapidly evolving automotive industry, the ability to stay in-the-know and adapt quickly is paramount. With an emphasis on Asia, the most rapidly developing region in the automotive world, we strive to provide data that highlights today's trends, and offers insight into where the industry is likely to be tomorrow.


Our previous English publication, AAI

According to the IMF's World Economic Outlook Databases,* Asia has the world's largest population, accounting for about 4 billion people, or 53.7% of the world's population. Along with the recent high economic growth in this region, the upper and middle classes are expanding, rapidly driving up demand for automobiles in China, India and ASEAN. In the medium to long term, the potential growth of major Asian economies is immeasurable.

Meanwhile, global vehicle sales in 2019 stood at 88.1 million units.** Three out of the top 5 vehicle markets are right here in Asia. China ranked first with 25.76 million units, followed by the US (17.49M), Japan (5.28M), Germany (4.97M) and India (3.81M).

Although we previously printed a publication called Asia Automotive Intelligence, FOURIN has until now largely focused on the Japanese domestic market. We have close ties with various Asian governments and organizations, and a wealth of experience researching the Asian automotive industry. Our desire to expand to reach a wider global audience, as well as our expertise in the field of automotive industry analysis, makes AAA a logical next step both for us and for you, our valued subscribers.

  • * = published in October 2019
  • ** = preliminary report

Navigating through and beyond COVID-19

The entire global community was shaken in 2020, with the impact of the novel coronavirus hitting virtually every industry. In response, we've witnessed the automotive industry transform in many ways and rise to meet unique new challenges. We've been there every step of the way, releasing reports and statistics that reflect the state of the automotive industry, spanning across countries and companies. You can count on us to bring you reports and statistics that provide an informed view inside a rapidly evolving industry.

Our reports cover a wide range of topics on Asia

  • Business trends and market forecast in China, Japan, India and ASEAN
  • Exclusive interviews with automakers, suppliers, policy makers and associations
  • Laws and regulations that impact the automotive industry.
  • Market trends and infrastructure development of electric vehicles (HEV, BEV, PHEV, FCEV)
  • Introduction of Chinese NEV, ADAS and autonomous driving suppliers
  • Safety and environmental trends
  • Business trends and market strategies of Japanese automakers and suppliers around the world
  • Introduction of new companies, products and services
  • M&As, tie-ups and new startups
  • CAFE regulations in China, Japan, India and ASEAN
  • Introduction of new mobility services by startups and major players
  • Statistical data and market trends of specific vehicle types such as cars, SUVs, MPVs, commercial vehicles and motorcycles

About AAA's Publisher

40th Anniversary Founding

FOURIN, Inc., a Japanese company established in September 1980, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2020. We specialize in the publication of surveys and reports on the global automotive industry. Our main products are four monthly physical publications on specific regions/countries of the world and two other monthly publications on specific topics. Our current number of subscribers (companies) is 2,000 in total.

Company Profile

Company name FOURIN, Inc.
Address Sakuragaoka 292, Chikusa Ward, Nagoya City 464-0025
TEL (81) 52-789-1101
FAX (81) 52-789-1147
Established September, 1980
Executives President and CEO KUBO Tetsuo
Director TANAKA Yachiyo
Director MAEDA Yoriyasu
Director ZHOU Jincheng
Director FUKUDA Masahiro
Director NAKATA Toru
Director HIGASHI Naofumi
Auditor NIIYAMA Takahiro
Employees 45 people
Registered capital 53.5 million JPY

Below: Our four publications by region, and two publications by topic

FOURIN, Inc. has been working closely with the Asian automotive industry for many years.

Asia Automotive Industry Forum
Asia Automotive Industry Forum (November 8, 2013, Nagoya, Japan)
China Automotive Industry Forum
China Automotive Industry Forum (April 21, 2003, Nagoya, Japan)
India Automotive Industry Forum
India Automotive Industry Forum (May 7, 2019, Nagoya, Japan)

FOURIN, Inc. periodically also publishes various annual research reports.

FOURIN, Inc. also releases one-time research reports on various topics.

Please visit our website (in Japanese) for further information about our company.

FOURIN, Inc. has a wholly-owned subsidiary in China,
Beijing FOURIN Automotive Consulting.

Beijing FOURIN Automotive Consulting publishes three monthly reports and various other research reports.

Please visit FOURIN Automotive Consulting website (in Chinese) for further information about our subsidiary.