How to Use


  • Register the first subscriber.
  • Additional subscribers must be listed on the "Subscribers List" created and submitted by the applicant.
  • Subscribers are limited to employees belonging to the same company having the same head office.
  • The applicant may change subscribers during the subscription period.


  • To subscribe, the applicant must fill out the user registration form on AAA's website.
  • After user registration, please apply for subscription on AAA's website.
  • The applicant does not necessarily have to be the subscriber.
  • The applicant must fill out the entire subscription form accurately.
  • After applying, you will receive an invoice and subscription start notification by email on the day or shortly afterwards. Please transfer "subscription fee" by the prescribed means and methods.


  • The applicant must list the department names and full personal names of subscribers.
  • All subscribers must perform user registration as soon as possible.
  • After confirming user registration, subscribers will receive a subscription completion notification by email.


  • The subscriber can freely use information and data which appear in reports.
  • However, the subscriber must strictly observe FOURIN's copyright guidelines.


  • The applicant must notify us as soon as possible when a subscriber quits or by other means no longer part to the company. FOURIN will immediately deactivate their subscription settings.
  • Subscription settings of subscribers who breach FOURIN's copyright guidelines will be deactivated without warning and their subscribing department (person) will be also notified.
  • FOURIN promises that it will manage personal information of registered users with the utmost care.