DiDi Leads BEV Development, Alters Business Model of Consignment Production

2021-01-25 NEW

In November 2020, China's largest ride-hailing service company DiDi Chuxing unveiled the “D1” BEV model which was jointly developed with Chinese automaker BYD. This is the first automobile developed under the initiative of a vehicle dispatch service company. The spread of BEVs by a giant vehicle dispatch service company, which is said to have about 400 million monthly active users, is attracting attention both inside and outside the industry. The operation method of the D1 is different from past methods. The D1 is purchased by an operating company affRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2021.01.18 China Sales Production Policy Tesla Sales Soar in China Following the Launch of Local Production
2021.01.11 China Market Policy DiDi Newly Launched Reasonably Priced Mobility Service and On-Demand Logistics Service
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2020.12.21 China Sales Production Policy China’s First Technology Expands Battery-swap Service for BEVs
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2020.12.07 China Sales Production Policy Shenzhen Inovance Technology Strengthens Intelligent Manufacturing, Supplies NEV Products to Europe
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Japan’s Electric Passenger Vehicle Sales in October 2020

2021-01-25 NEW

In October 2020, electric (HEV / PHEV / BEV / FCEV) passenger vehicle sales increased 29% year-on-year to 83,000 units ・The sales of electric vehicles (HEV / PHEV / BEV / FCEV) in the passenger vehicle market (light automobiles with a 660cc or smaller engine displacement are not included) increased 29% from the same month of the previous year to 83,000 units. The reason for the sharp increase is that sales decreased in the entire automobile market in October 2019 due to the consumption tax hike implemented in the same month. It was the first time sincRead more...

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2021.01.18 Japan Policy Procurement Strategy: Honda Optimizes Operational Structures, Product Lineup, and Partnerships
2021.01.11 Japan Policy Daihatsu Motor’s New Procurement Strategy
2021.01.04 Japan Policy Subaru’s New Procurement Strategy
2020.12.28 Japan Policy Mazda Promotes CSR and Improves Profitability through Strong Partnerships with Suppliers
2020.12.21 Japan Policy Mitsubishi Motors Takes Local Procurement Strategy Through the Alliance and Suppliers
2020.12.14 Japan Sales Japanese Automakers: Automobile Sales Overview for June 2020
2020.12.07 Japan Production Japanese Automakers: Automobile Production Overview for June 2020
2020.11.30 Japan Sales Japan’s Electric Passenger Vehicle Sales in September 2020

Electric Motorcycle Startup Ather Energy Plans to Expand Charging Stations to 30 Cities in India

2021-01-25 NEW

Ather Energy is an Indian electric motorcycle startup founded in 2013. The company was launched by alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and started production and sales of electric motorcycles in 2018. India's largest motorcycle company Hero MotoCorp has a 38.57% stake in Ather Energy which is attracting attention as part of Hero MotoCorp’s electric motorcycle business. Ather Energy began business operations in Bangalore where its headquarters is located, but it has already entered to Chennai and plans to expand into nine more cities in InRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2021.01.18 India Policy Procurement Strategy: Suzuki Considers the Post-COVID-19 Strategy and Local Procurement in India
2021.01.11 India Sales Production Policy Mahindra & Mahindra Revamps Core Models, Launches New Engine to Maintain Competitiveness
2021.01.04 India Sales Policy 2020 Automobile Market Forecast for India: Sales Drop 24% to 2.9 Million Units
2020.12.28 India Sales Production Policy Indian Auto Parts Supplier NK Minda Expands Telematics and Sensor Operations
2020.12.21 India Production Market India’s Passenger Vehicle Transmission Trends: ATs Gain Ground Amid Worsening Urban Traffic
2020.12.14 India Sales Asia’s Motor Vehicle Population: India Boasts Largest Motorcycle and Automobile Ownership
2020.12.07 India Sales Policy Premium Motorcycle Manufacturers in India and Thailand
2020.11.30 India Policy India’s PLI Scheme Aims to Boost the Automobile and Parts Sectors

Asia: Automobile Sales Overview for October 2020

2021-01-25 NEW

Indonesia drops sharply while India performs well during the festival period Automobile sales of 10 Asian countries in October 2020 fell 10.5% year-on-year to 767,000 units. ASEAN: Thailand decreased 3.9% to 74,000 units. Indonesia nosedived 48.9% to 49,000 units. Malaysia increased 5.2% to 57,000 units. Malaysia remained strong thanks to demand aroused by sales tax cut while Indonesia continued to decline sharply due to stricter examination of automobile loans. East Asia: South Korea went up 1.7% to 160,000 units, rising for the second consecutive moRead more...

Asia: Automobile Production Overview for October 2020

2021-01-25 NEW

Monthly production recovers to nearly 1 million units Automobile production of seven Asian countries in October 2020 dropped 5.6% year-on-year to 987.000 units. The production scale nearly reached 1 million units. ASEAN: Thailand dropped 2.2% to 149,000 units. Production for exports fell 19.6% to 67,000 units but production for the domestic market went up 18.8% to 82,000 units, increasing for the second consecutive month. Indonesia fell 46.0% to 66,000 units. Production volume declined sharply due to the prolonged sluggish domestic sales. East Asia: SRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2021.01.18 Thailand Sales Thailand’s Motor Vehicle Ownership in 2020
2021.01.11 Taiwan Sales Taiwan’s Motor Vehicle Ownership in 2020
2021.01.04 S. Korea Sales Motor Vehicle Ownership: Automobiles Exceed 24 Million, EVs Also Increased by 2.5%
2020.12.28 Philippines Sales Motor Vehicle Ownership: Automobiles Increase to 4.7 Million, Motorcycles Exceed 8 Million Units
2020.12.21 Asia(General) Sales Asia: Automobile Sales Overview for September 2020
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2020.11.30 Thailand Sales Production Policy Thai Auto Parts Supplier AAPICO Hitech Steps Up Overseas Business Expansion