Rural China Is Anticipated to Become a Growth Market of NEVs

2020-09-21 NEW

Whether rural China will become a “blue ocean”–new market area– for new-energy vehicles (NEVs) has been a hot topic in China since mid-July 2020. The impetus was the Chinese government’s July 14 announcement of a policy on rural sales expansion of NEVs as the latest campaign to support the automobile market. The implementation period was set until the end of 2020. Some small battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) were also selected to be covered by the campaign manufactured by BAIC BJEV, Great Wall Motor, Changan NEV Technology, Chery New Energy Automotive TecRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2020.09.14 China Sales Production Policy China’s Motorcycle Industry in 2019: Electric, Large Displacement Models Increase Market Presence
2020.09.07 China Supplier SenseTime Advances Development of Self-driving Technology
2020.08.31 China Regulation 2019 CAFC and NEV Credit Results of Automakers and Importers in China
2020.08.24 China Sales Policy Lishen Battery Launches Two New NEV Battery Factories in 2019
2020.08.17 China Sales Market China’s Passenger Vehicle Sales Network Shrinks Due to Market Decline
2020.08.17 China Policy China: NEV subsidy policy extended until the end of 2022, setting a price ceiling and affecting the pricing strategy of high-end models
2020.08.10 China Japan Sales Production Policy Dongfeng Venucia Unveils New Platform, Reducing Dependence on Nissan’s Technology
2020.08.03 China Technology Sales Production Baolong Automotive Increases TPMS Sales in 2019, Forms Tie-ups with Foreign Firms
2020.07.27 China Technology Sales Jing-Jin Electric Enhances NEV Drive System Production in Anticipation of Market Growth in China

Japan’s Imported Automobile Sales in the First Half of 2020

2020-09-21 NEW

Japan’s automobile sales of imported foreign brands dropped 23.2% in the first half of 2020 compared to the same period of 2019 to 114,000 units. Consumer sentiment declined in October 2019 due to the introduction of higher consumption tax. Monthly sales have been falling below the previous year’s level ever since. The outbreak of the new coronavirus has only made this tendency even worse. Sales of foreign brands dropped 13.1% in March 2020, 36.9% in April and 46.4% in May. The declaration of state of emergency in April and May pressured dealers to ceaseRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2020.09.14 Japan Sales Japan’s Automobile Sales in the First Half of 2020
2020.09.07 Indonesia Japan Malaysia Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam Sales Mitsubishi Motors: 2019 ASEAN Sales Fell By 1.0% To 310,000 Units, But Increased In Thailand and Vietnam Thanks To Xpander
2020.09.07 Japan Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Thailand Vietnam Sales Honda Motor’s ASEAN Sales Decline 8.9% to 417,000 Units in 2019
2020.09.07 Indonesia Japan Malaysia Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam Mazda: 2019 Sales In 6 ASEAN Countries Decreased By 15.6% Due to Economic Stagnation, Aiming for Sales Recovery With CX-30 In 2020
2020.08.31 Japan Indonesia Malaysia Sales UD Trucks’s 2019 Sales Decline Over 30% in ASEAN
2020.08.24 Japan Malaysia Sales Policy Daihatsu’s Malaysian Subsidiary Perodua Increases Investment to Launch New Models
2020.08.17 China Japan Sales Production Policy Toyota Motor’s Production in China Increases 6.2% Thanks to New Car Effect
2020.08.10 China Japan Sales Production Policy Honda Motor’s Production in China Recovers After Drastic Drop Due to the New Coronavirus
2020.08.03 Japan Sales Isuzu: FY2019 Financial Results First Decrease in 8 Years, Possibly Continued to FY2020
2020.08.03 Japan Sales Policy Volvo Car Strengthens Electric Vehicle Lineup, Online Sales in Japan
2020.08.03 Japan Sales Hino: FY2019’s Earnings and Profits Decreased Due to ASEAN Economic Recession and COVID-19
2020.07.27 China Japan Production Policy Nissan Motor’s Automobile Production Exceeds 1.3 Million Units in China in 2019

Increasing Presence of Chinese Automakers in India

2020-09-21 NEW

Chinese automakers have begun to set foot in the expanding Indian market. SAIC Group started production and sales in India in 2019 and Great Wall Motor plans to do the same starting from 2021. Meanwhile BYD and Foton Motor assemble BEV buses in the country. Chinese automakers are making efforts to reduce their dependence on their home market. As part of this attempt, they are expanding their presence in India. Similarly to China, India is one of the most populous countries in the world. The country has high growth potential as the working-age population Read more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2020.09.14 India Sales India’s Automobile Sales in the First Half of 2020
2020.09.07 India Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Production Wheel Manufacturers Boost Investment in India to Increase Capacity, Set Up New Plants
2020.08.31 India Japan Sales Production Policy Toyota Motor in India Discontinues Sales of the Etios and Corolla, Launches Second OEM-supplied Model
2020.08.24 India Sales Production Policy Honda Motor Revamps Vehicle and Engine Lineups in India
2020.08.17 India Market India’s Automobile Ownership Volume Reach 48 Million Units with Potential for Market Expansion
2020.08.10 India Japan Production Policy India’s Steel Industry: ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel Acquire Essar, Aichi Steel Invests in Vardhman
2020.08.03 India Sales Production Impact of the New Coronavirus in India: Automobile Production and Sales Were Suspended for Nearly Two Months
2020.07.27 China Market Sales India’s 2019 Passenger Vehicle Market by Fuel Type: Diesel Vehicle Ratio Drops for Seventh Consecutive Year

Vietnam: YTD June 2020 Sales Declined To 107,000 Units, Import Volume Also Dropped

2020-09-21 NEW

According to Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA), automobile sales from January to June in 2020 fell by 30.6% year-on-year to 107,000 units. Countermeasures against the new coronavirus and an economic slowdown due to the pandemic caused a serious fall. Hyundai Thanh Cong Vietnam (HTCV), which is not a member of VAMA, reported its sales dropping by 21.6% to 28,000 units. In total, the automobile sales volume in Vietnam was 135,000 units, which is 28.9% down year-on-year. Based on the data from VAMA and HTCV, Hyundai had the most market Read more...

Laos’s Automobile Industry; Sales Drop 5.4% in 2019

2020-09-21 NEW

In 2019, Laos’s automobile sales decreased 5.4% compared to the previous year to 22,000 units. Sales have decreased for the fourth consecutive year since it reached a record high of 40,000 units in 2015. In 2019, the country’s GDP growth rate dropped to 4.7%, falling below 5% for the first time in 20 years since 1999, due to the slump in the agricultural sector which was affected by flood damage. Declining GDP negatively affected the overall market climate which in turn may have pushed down automobile sales. Looking at sales data by vehicle type, whilRead more...

Impact of the New Coronavirus in Vietnam: Stay-at-Home Order Suspended Auto Production and Sales for 3 Weeks

2020-09-21 NEW

In Vietnam, there has been no death of the new coronavirus reported (as of confirmation on July 10, 2020), and the spread of the infection was suppressed early. Thanks to the situation, the impact on the automobile market was the smallest among the major ASEAN countries. As for production, automakers shut down production sites in response to a stay-at-home order implemented on April 1 for 3 weeks. However, they all have smoothly resumed operations thereafter. The Vietnamese government has introduced tax reduction measures for automobile registration feesRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2020.09.14 Indonesia Policy Regulation Impact of the New Coronavirus in Indonesia: Implementation of New Emission Rules Are Postponed Amid the Pandemic
2020.09.14 Malaysia Sales Policy Impact of the New Coronavirus in Malaysia: Automakers Expect Sales Recovery Due to the Sales Tax Exemption on New Vehicle Purchase
2020.09.14 Indonesia Sales Indonesia’s Automobile Sales in the First Half of 2020
2020.09.07 Thailand Sales Thailand’s H1 2020 Automobile Sales Decline 37.3% to 329,000 Units
2020.08.31 Taiwan Market Policy Taiwan’s Motorcycle Market Sees Limited Impact of the New Coronavirus
2020.08.24 Malaysia Sales Malaysia’s Automobile Market by Segment in 2019: Sales Rise 1.0% to 604,000 Units
2020.08.17 Thailand Sales Production Policy Impact of the New Coronavirus in Thailand: Automakers Adjust Production Due to Shrinking Demand
2020.08.10 Indonesia Sales Market Indonesia’s Automobile Market by Segment in 2019: Sales Decrease 10.6% to 1.03 Million Units
2020.08.10 Malaysia Sales Production Policy Perodua expands its market share to 40% in Malaysia, plans to launch a new compact SUV in the latter half of 2020
2020.08.03 Philippines Sales Market The Philippines’ Automobile Market by Segment in 2019: Sales Increase 3.7% to 417,000 Units
2020.07.27 S. Korea Sales Production Export Policy SsangYong is at Risk Due to Deficit in 2019 and Withdrawal of Capital Injection by Mahindra
2020.07.27 Thailand Sales Market Thailand’s Automobile Market by Segment in 2019: Sales Decline 3.3% to 1.01 Million Units