Zongmu Technology to Start Mass Production of High-precision Maps, Millimeter-wave Radars in 2020

2020-06-01 NEW

Zongmu Technology to Start Mass Production of High-precision Maps, Millimeter-wave Radars in 2020 Zongmu Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (ZongMu Tech) is a venture company whose main business is the development, manufacture and sale of ADAS (advanced driver assistance system), automatic parking assist and automatic valet parking (AVP) solutions. The company has two manufacturing bases in Xiamen (Fujian province) and Shanghai, and four R&D centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen (Fujian province) and Stuttgart (Germany). In order to ensure stable product dRead more...

China’s Economic Support Measures Includes Extension of NEV Incentives and Postponement of the China 6 Implementation

2020-06-01 NEW

The Chinese government has launched a series of economic support measures since February 2020 in line with the resumption of economic activities in order to minimize the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Of these, deregulation and subsidies for the automotive industry are the main support measures. One of the significant economic support measures by the central government is the 2-year extension of the new energy vehicle (NEV) purchase subsidy system, which was supposed to end in 2020. This extension is expected to contribute to stable growth in Read more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2020.05.25 China Import China’s Imported Passenger Vehicle Sales Inched Up 0.5% to 1.11 Million Units in 2019
2020.05.18 China New Models Sales Policy BEV Maker Xpeng to Launch New Model, Expand Charging Network in 2020
2020.05.11 China Supplier BorgWarner Increases Product Supply to Chinese Automakers
2020.05.04 China Sales Market China’s Passenger Vehicle Market in 2019: Total Volume Drops 9.6% to 21.44 Million Units

Chuo Spring Plans to Launch Chassis Spring Production in Thailand, US

2020-06-01 NEW

Japanese automobile spring supplier Chuo Spring, an affiliate of Toyota Motor, mainly manufactures and sells chassis springs, precision springs and cables. In order to achieve its consolidated sales target of 100 billion Japanese yen by FY 2023, Chuo Sping is working to expand sales of existing products, develop new products and cultivate new markets. As for existing products, the company plans to start production of chassis springs in Thailand in July 2020 and in the US in 2021 with the aim of expanding sales of these products. Until now, chassis springRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2020.05.25 Japan New Models Daihatsu’s New Light SUV Taft to Enter the Market in Summer 2020
2020.05.18 Japan Technology Japan’s Fuel Reforming Research Focuses on Improving Combustion and Reducing Exhaust Emissions
2020.05.18 Japan Sales Toyota Motor’s Sales in Western Europe Increase 4.3% in 2019 Driven by HEVs
2020.05.11 Japan Sales Policy Nissan Motor’s Sales Slightly Increases to 1.37 Million Units in 2019
2020.05.04 Japan Supplier Sales Policy Daicel Carries Out Organizational Reforms to Create New Businesses, Recover Profits

India’s Automobile Sales Drop in 29 Administrative Units out of 33 in 2019

2020-06-01 NEW

This report summarizes India’s vehicle sales in 2019 by region and administrative unit. If India is divided into four regions, a northern part including the Delhi metropolitan area (NCR), a western part including Maharashtra, a southern part including Tamil Nadu, and an eastern part including West Bengal, annual sales show a double-digit decline in all four regions. Both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles dropped in all regions. India’s 2019 automobile market shrank for the first time in five years due to stagnant economic growth and rising vehicRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2020.05.25 India Technology Overview of India’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
2020.05.18 India Export India’s CBU Exports Decline in 2019 for the Third Consecutive Year
2020.05.11 India Japan Sales Production Export Policy Nissan Motor Launches Compact SUV in India to Revive Sales
2020.05.04 India Market Supplier Sales Policy Rane Group Delays Production Expansion of New Plants Due to Shrinking Domestic Market

South Korea: CBU Exports in 2019 Fell by 2% to 2.4 Million Units, 7 Consecutive Years of Decline

2020-06-01 NEW

South CBUs only in 2019 declined to 2.4 million units. It has decreased for the seventh consecutive year since it peaked at 3.17 million units in 2012. Although the export to North America increased by 8.7% to 1.09 million units due to the increase in Hyundai SUVs, exports to other regions decreased, which resulted in the overall downward. Hyundai is the only OEM that increased among all (by 4.7% or to 1.04 million units) thanks to the expansion of SUV export to North America. In particular, Kona (the sales unit of 73,000 in the US) and Palisade (thatRead more...

Thailand’s Motorcycle Sales Declines 4% in 2019 Due to Declining Rural Income

2020-06-01 NEW

Thailand’s motorcycle sales dropped 3.9% year-on-year to 1.71 million units in 2019. At the beginning of 2019, sales were expected to be around 1.78 million units, which was the same level as the previous year. However, the market has shrunk for the second year in a row against the backdrop of the subsequent slowdown in economic growth and the decline in farm income due to the fall in agricultural product prices. As for 2020, due to the revision of Thailand’s excise tax system and tightening of exhaust gas regulations, a decrease of 2-3% was expected comRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2020.05.25 Malaysia Policy Success of NAP 2020 in Malaysia Depends on Bylaws and Incentives
2020.05.25 Taiwan Manufacture Sales Production Yulon Plans to Improve Profitability by Reducing Development Costs and Expanding Contract Manufacturing Business
2020.05.25 Malaysia Production Malaysia’s Automobile Production in 2019 Inches Up 1.2% to 572,000 Units
2020.05.18 Indonesia Production Indonesia’s Automobile Production in 2019 Drops for the First Time in Five Years
2020.05.18 China Japan Technology “Healthy” Interior with Toxin-Free and Antiviral Materials and Decontamination Systems Is Trending
2020.05.11 Thailand Production Thailand’s Automobile Production in 2019 Exceeds 2 Million Units for Second Consecutive Year
2020.05.04 S. Korea Sales Market South Korea’s Automobile Market in 2019: Overall Sales Decreased 1.7% to 1.79 Million Units