Luxury Brand Business of Chinese Automakers

2020-11-30 NEW

Chinese automakers are stepping up luxury car business. Geely Automobile introduced the luxury brand “Lynk & Co” in October 2016, and Great Wall Motor announced the luxury SUV brand “WEY” in November 2016. Both private automakers began commercial production of their respective brand in the following year. Looking at state-owned automakers, BAIC Group has launched the ArcFox brand exclusively for BEVs. Similarly, GAC Group and Dongfeng Motor have put forth their own premium BEV brands the Aion and Voyah respectively. It has been also reported that SAIC GrRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2020.11.23 China Production China: Automobile Production Overview for September 2020
2020.11.16 China New Models Policy 2020 Beijing Motor Show – Business Strategy and Overview of Major Automakers and NEV Startups
2020.11.09 China Supplier Sales Production Policy NEV Battery Supplier Farasis Boasts Top-level R&D Expenses in 2019
2020.10.26 China Policy Huawei at Beijing Motor Show 2020 Shows Potential to Become a Comprehensive Supplier of Connected Vehicles
2020.10.19 China Sales Production Export China’s MPV Market in 2019
2020.10.12 China Sales Production Policy BMW Expands New-energy Vehicle Sales and Infrastructure in China
2020.10.05 China Sales Production Policy PSA Sees Worsening Decline in China

Japan’s Electric Passenger Vehicle Sales in August 2020

2020-11-30 NEW

In September 2020, electric (HEV / PHEV / BEV / FCEV) passenger vehicle sales dropped 13% compared to the same period of 2019 to 100,000 units. ・The share of electric vehicles (HEV / PHEV / BEV / FCEV) in the passenger vehicle market (light automobiles with a 660cc or smaller engine displacement are not included) increased 1.3pp from the same month of the previous year to 39.5%, going to for the first time in 13 months. ・BEVs declined 27.2% to 1,887 units. The Nissan Leaf dropped 52.1% to 1,082 units. On the other hand, the “Others” category which inclRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2020.11.23 Japan Policy Nissan Motor’s New Procurement Strategy
2020.11.16 Japan Sales Japanese Automakers: Automobile Sales Overview for June 2020
2020.11.09 Japan Japanese Automakers: Automobile Production Overview for May 2020
2020.11.02 Japan Policy Toyota Motor’s New Procurement Strategy
2020.11.02 Japan Sales Policy Mitsuboshi Belting: Meeting Current Demands by Providing Belts for EPS & EPB and Investing on the Alternator Pulley Production Site in FY2019
2020.11.02 Japan Sales Policy Tsubakimoto Chain: New Tensioner Production Building Completed in 2019, but the New Coronavirus Caused a Decline in Demand in 2020
2020.10.26 Japan Sales Japan’s Electric Passenger Vehicle Sales in August 2020
2020.10.19 Japan Production Toyota Motor Reforms Domestic Production System
2020.10.12 Japan Sales Production Policy Honda Motor’s Global Motorcycle Business
2020.10.05 Japan Sales Porsche Increases Sales in Japan Despite the Pandemic

India’s PLI Scheme Aims to Boost the Automobile and Parts Sectors

2020-11-30 NEW

The Indian automobile industry has been sluggish for more than two years due to the sharp slowdown of economic growth from the latter half of 2018, and the outbreak of the new coronavirus at the beginning of 2020 when signs of recovery began to appear. In response to the prolonged severe business environment in India, the Indian government has decided to introduce large-scale support measures for automobile and parts manufacturers. On November 11, 2020, the Government of India decided to add the automobile and parts industries to the policy “ProductioRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2020.11.23 India Policy Delhi’s 2020 Electric Vehicle Policy: BEVs to Increase to 25% by 2024
2020.11.16 India Regulation India’s Upcoming Fuel Efficiency Regulation Requires 5–15% Improvement
2020.11.09 India Import Regulation India’s 2020-21 Budget Raises Tariffs on Electric Vehicles to Promote Localization
2020.10.26 India Sales Production Policy TVS Motor Re-enters the Electric Motorcycle Market, Strengthens Presence in the Premium Sector
2020.10.19 India Sales Production Policy Ashok Leyland Launches Two New Platforms to Consolidate Technology, Expand Product Lineup
2020.10.12 India Sales Policy Motherson Sumi Systems Aims Improved Efficiency Through Restructuring
2020.10.05 India Sales Production Export India Remains Top Motorcycle Market in Asia in H1 2020

Thai Auto Parts Supplier AAPICO Hitech Steps Up Overseas Business Expansion

2020-11-30 NEW

AAPICO Hitech, a major Thai auto parts supplier, is enhancing its operations by strengthening its overseas activities and joint ventures with foreign suppliers. The company’s automobile parts business accounts for 70% of all sales. AAPICO has been focusing on supplying automakers in Thailand; however, the company began supplying VinFast, an emerging local automaker in Vietnam, and made Sakthi Global Auto Holdings (SGAH), a UK-based automobile parts supplier, its wholly-owned subsidiary in 2019, revealing that AAPICO is stepping up overseas operations. ThRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2020.11.23 Indonesia Policy Indonesia Promotes the Expansion of BEVs and Supporting Infrastructure
2020.11.16 Asia(General) Sales Asia: Automobile Sales Overview for August 2020
2020.11.09 Asia(General) Asia: Automobile Production Overview for August 2020
2020.11.09 Vietnam Production Policy Vietnam: Automakers and Assembly Companies Plan to Increase Production Capacity
2020.11.09 Philippines Production Policy The Philippines: Delay in the CARS Program, Mitsubishi Plans for More and Honda Closed Production Plant
2020.11.02 Indonesia Sales Production Export Indonesia’s Motorcycle Sales Remain Robust in 2019, Going Up an Additional 1.6%
2020.10.26 Malaysia Sales Malaysia’s Automobile Sales in the First Half of 2020
2020.10.19 Vietnam Production Policy Sino-US Trade Friction, Pandemic Make Vietnam an Attractive Destination for Manufacturing
2020.10.12 Pakistan Sales Production Policy Impact of the New Coronavirus in Pakistan: Local CDK Sales from January to June 2020 Fell by 63% Year-on-Year
2020.10.12 Asia(General) Sales Production Policy BMW Promotes Contactless Customer Service in Asia
2020.10.05 S. Korea Sales South Korea’s Automobile Sales in the First Half of 2020