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Automobile Sales in Post-corona China: The Rise of Online Sales with Live Commerce Increasing Its Presence

2021-05-10 NEW

In China, as consumers tend to refrain from going out due to the corona crisis, automobile sales using live commerce is on the rise. “Live Commerce” is online shopping while watching live streaming. In other words, live commerce is the online version of teleshopping. Until now, automobile sales have typically been conducted through “4S stores.” The “S” in “4S” refers to Sales, Spare Parts, Service, and Survey. There are 4S stores in various parts of China that are licensed by automobile manufacturers, using the logo of the brand they handle. In recentRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2021.05.03 China Sales Nissan Motor’s Automobile Sales in China Decline 6% in 2020 to 1.45 Million Units
2021.04.26 China Sales Honda Motor’s Automobile Sales in China Reach Record High Level in 2020 Driven by HEVs and SUVs
2021.04.19 China New Models Electric Vehicles The Low-price Wuling Hongguang MINI Electric Vehicle Sells Well but Lack of Airbags Poses Concerns
2021.04.12 China Sales Toyota Motor’s Automobile Sales in China Increase 11% in 2020 to 1.8 Million Units
2021.03.22 China Market Policy Drive Battery Trends of Foreign Companies in China
2021.03.15 China Market China’s Motorcycle Market Remains on the Previous Year’s Level in 2020

Japan: Recycling and Sharing, Supported by SDGs, Are the Keys to Reducing Battery Costs


In 2020, Toyota launched the new Lexus UX300e, C-HR / Izoa EV (sister models) and C+pods, Honda released the Honda e, and Mazda introduced the MX-30 in Japan and overseas, indicating that Japanese automakers are stepping up efforts to increase their presence in the global BEV market. From 2021, Nissan and Mitsubishi, which are ahead in BEV business, plan to launch new models. Suzuki and Subaru also have plans to release BEVs. This trend indicates that many Japanese automakers position BEVs as important products in their environmental vehicle strategy. ThRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2021.04.12 Japan Sales Japan’s Passenger Vehicle Sales by Engine Type and Displacement in 2020
2021.03.29 Japan Policy Electric Vehicles Toyota Expands Partnerships in Mobility Service Business and Electrification
2021.03.22 Japan Sales Japan’s Electric Passenger Vehicle Sales in December 2020
2021.03.15 Japan Sales Japan’s Light Passenger Vehicle Market Drops 10% in 2020

India’s Automobile Production Declines 25 Percent to 3.39 Million Units in 2020, the Lowest Level Since 2009


In 2020, automobile production in India decreased 25.0% from the previous year to 3.39 million units. The impact of the nationwide lockdown implemented by the government in late March 2020 to fight the new coronavirus infection resulted in a significant drop in domestic sales and a 40% decline in CBU exports in the first half of the year. Automobile production fell to the lowest level since 2009 when the Lehman Shock devastated the global economy. Even before the pandemic, India’s production and sales of automobiles were in a contraction phase due to theRead more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2021.03.15 India Sales India: Automobile Sales Decline 23% to 2.94 Million Units in 2020

Global Automakers Maintain or Expand R&D Investment in 2020 Despite the Pandemic

2021-05-10 NEW

While many manufacturers saw declines in sales and profits due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, R&D expenses tended to exceed the previous year’s level as R&D cannot be scaled back against the backdrop of overheated technological competition. Although companies are serious about cost reduction due to worsening business performance, they will maintain R&D expenses at the current level or even expand investment in vehicle electrification, autonomous driving technology, product development and other areas in order to secure a superior position in theRead more...

Taiwan’s Automobile Production Drops 2% to 250,000 Units in 2020, Domestic Demand Rises Despite the Pandemic

2021-05-10 NEW

Taiwan's automobile production in 2020 decreased 2.3% from the previous year to 246,000 units. CBU exports fell over 40% to 19,000 units, while production for the domestic market expanded to 226,000 units, an estimated 3.5% increase. Since the decrease in production was modest, it remained at about the same level as in 2018 and 2019. The growth in production for the domestic market is attributed to the launch of new models, including the Toyota Corolla Cross, amid steady demand for new vehicles. In Taiwan, where the popularity of imported vehicles is groRead more...

South Korea’s Automobile Production Declines 11% to 3.51 Million Units in 2020, Dropping to 2009’s Level

2021-05-10 NEW

South Korea's automobile production in 2020 fell 11.2% from the previous year to 3.51 million units. It dropped to the level of 2009 (3.51 million units) when production was affected by the Lehman Shock. In South Korea, domestic demand was robust in 2020 against the backdrop of the spread of the new coronavirus was curbed at an early stage, and sales were boosted by the reduction of the individual consumption tax on automobiles introduced in March 2020. As a result, sales of domestically produced vehicles rose 5.0% to 1.59 million units. However, due to Read more...

Date Country Category Report Title
2021.05.03 S. Korea Sales South Korea’s Automobile Sales Reach Record High Level in 2020 Despite the Pandemic
2021.04.26 Thailand Sales Motorcycles Thailand’s Motorcycle Sales Drop 12% to 1.52 Million Units in 2020
2021.04.19 Indonesia Production Indonesia’s Automobile Production Declines 47% to 690,000 Units in 2020
2021.04.19 Malaysia Production Malaysia’s Automobile Production Falls 15 Percent to 490,000 Units in 2020, Dropping to 2009’s Level
2021.04.19 Thailand Production Thailand’s Automobile Production Declines 29 Percent to 1.43 Million Units in 2020, Lowest Level Since 2011
2021.04.12 Malaysia Ownership Malaysia: Ownership Volume of Automobiles Reaches 16.38 Million Units, One in Two People Owns an Automobile
2021.04.12 Vietnam Sales Vietnam: Automobile Sales Drop 3.3% to 407,000 Units in 2020; Hyundai Dethrones Toyota
2021.04.05 Indonesia Policy Indonesia: Motorcycle Sales Fall 43.6% to 3.66 Million Units in 2020; Honda’s Share Reaching Nearly 80%
2021.04.05 Indonesia Sales Motorcycles Indonesia’s Luxury Tax System Is Proposed to Be Revised, Raising Tax Burden on HEVS
2021.04.05 Asia (General) Ownership Automobiles Middle East and Africa: Iran Leads in Automobile Ownership with Over 14 Million Units
2021.04.05 Pakistan Sales Automobiles Pakistan: Automobile Sales Fall 33.6% to 128,000 Units in 2020; Suzuki’s Share Dropping Below 50%
2021.03.29 Philippines Sales Philippines: Automobile Sales Fall 40.4% to 248,000 Units in 2020
2021.03.29 Indonesia Sales Indonesia: Automobile Sales Fall 48.5% to 532,000 Units in 2020
2021.03.29 Thailand Sales Thailand: Automobile Sales Decline 21.4% to 790,000 Units in 2020
2021.03.22 Pakistan Market Policy Pakistan’s Automobile Market Decreases by 30% in 2020
2021.03.22 Vietnam Market Policy Vietnam’s Automobile Market Decreases 10% in 2020 While GDP Growth Stays Positive
2021.03.15 Philippines Market Policy Philippines: The Automobile Market in 2020 Shrinks to 250,000 Units