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Date Country Category Report Title
2020.07.06 Japan Sales Toyota Motor’s Sales Revenue and Operating Profit Slightly Decline in Fiscal 2019
2020.07.06 China Export Sales Chinese Automakers Step Up Exports to Emerging Markets, Strengthening Their Presence in Overseas Markets
2020.07.06 Vietnam Sales Vietnam’s Automobile Sales by Segment in 2019 Increase 13.3% to 386,000 Units
2020.07.06 India Sales Market India’s Automobile Sales by Segment in 2019 Decrease 13.4% to 3.85 Million Units
2020.06.29 India Sales Production Export India’s Motorcycle Production Drops in 2019 Due to Economic Downturn, Tightened Emission Regulations
2020.06.29 Japan Sales Production Suzuki Motor’s Improving Operating Income Was Dealt a Blow by the New Coronavirus in Q4 of FY 2019
2020.06.29 Malaysia Sales Production Policy Malaysia’s Commercial Vehicle Sales Decline Double Digits Due to Restrained Public Investment
2020.06.29 China New Models Sales Production Geely Automobile Focuses on Connected and Autonomous Driving Technologies
2020.06.22 China Sales Policy Ford Motor Launches China-only Models, Localizes Lincoln Brand to Turn Around Sales in China
2020.06.22 Philippines New Models Sales Production Philippine Motorcycle Sales Reach Record High Level in 2019
2020.06.22 Japan Production Overseas Production of Japanese Automakers Declines in All Major Markets Except China in 2019
2020.06.22 India Sales Production Export Nissan Motor’s 2019 Production and Sales Drop Double Digits in India
2020.06.15 Japan Technology Policy Toyota Motor Is Considering Commercialization of “Flying Cars” in the Early 2020s
2020.06.15 Indonesia Export Indonesia’s Automobile Exports Reach a New Record High in 2019
2020.06.15 S. Korea Sales Policy South Korea’s EV Sales in 2019 Increased by 12%, HEV/BEV Incentives Gradually Cutting Down
2020.06.15 India Japan Sales Production Export Suzuki Motor Expands Production Capacity and Sales Network in India to Remain on Top
2020.06.15 China Production China’s xEV Passenger Vehicle Production Slows Down Significantly in 2019
2020.06.08 India Sales Production Export Honda Motor’s 2019 Sales Decline Over 20% Percent in India
2020.06.08 Japan Sales Import Renault’s Sales in Japan Drop for the First Time in 10 Years
2020.06.08 Thailand Export Thailand’s Automobile Exports Fall 8% YOY to 1.05 Million Units in 2019