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2020.01.27 World(General) Technology Next-generation E/E Architecture Aims for Central Vehicle Control ECU
2020.01.27 Japan Europe(General) World(General) Technology MHIET Develops Turbochargers Suitable for the Age of Electrification
2020.01.20 China Japan Policy Electric Vehicles China’s New NEV Regulations for 2021–2023
2020.01.20 Electric Vehicles Overview of the Latest AWD BEV Drivetrain Specifications
2020.01.20 Japan Europe(General) Technology Water Injection Is Under Consideration to Meet Euro 7
2020.01.20 China Policy Electric Vehicles Analysis of FCEV TCO Reveals That Heavy-duty Trucks Have the Highest Potential
2020.01.13 Japan Automobiles Autonomy Industry Trends Digitalization, AD, ADAS, Communication Trends in the Japanese Automotive Industry
2020.01.13 Regulation Automobiles Electric Vehicles CO2 Reduction by LCA, Digitalization Must Be Pursued in the 2020s
2020.01.13 Europe(General) PSA, BMW, VW, Tesla All Compete to Set Up Gigafactories in Europe
2020.01.06 Japan Electric Vehicles Industry Trends Environment Automakers Use LCA to Reduce CO2 Emissions, Encourage Suppliers to Follow Suit
2020.01.06 UK Sweden Jaguar Land Rover Focuses on ACES, Strengthens Technical Capabilities
2020.01.06 Germany China 9th Aachen Colloquium China: Chinese OEMs Aim to Improve Engine Thermal Efficiency
2020.01.06 Japan New Suspensions Adopt High-response Continuously-variable Lightweight Dampers
2019.12.30 Europe(General) Life Cycle Assessment Influences All Technical Fields Including Vehicle Body Sector
2019.12.30 USA China Japan US, Chinese Automakers Increasingly Use Magnesium as Vehicle Body Material
2019.12.30 Germany Japan Fuel Injection Sector Raises Injection Pressure to Meet Fuel Economy, Emission Rules
2019.12.30 Japan Electric Vehicles Industry Trends Japanese Automakers Are Developing Next-generation, BEV-only Platforms
2019.12.23 Japan Automobiles Electric Vehicles Autonomy Toyota and Softbank’s New Mobility Service MONET
2019.12.16 Europe(General) Gasoline Engines in Era of Electrification: Mass-made Pre-Combustion Chamber
2019.12.16 Europe(General) New VW Golf Features Improved PHEV, Brand’s First 48V MHEV