AAA Copyright Guidelines

As author, AAA, published by FOURIN, Inc., reserves all rights. Moreover, the source of quoted text or data in research reports is always specified. We protect the rights of the original author including but not limited to the press, organizations, associations and corporations. If it is considered necessary, we seek the approval or permission of the original author beforehand. If it is additionally necessary, we conclude a legal contract (some may include payment of royalties etc.). As stated above, in order to protect the copyrights of our own and other original authors, we set the following guidelines. We only provide or sell research reports to those persons (companies) which recognize these guidelines.

  1. Definition: Terms used in "AAA Copyright Guidelines" are defined as follows.
    • "Same corporation etc." is a management unit whose location is identical with that of the head office which is registered under corporate law. So-called subsidiaries, affiliated companies, group companies, overseas subsidiaries and other corporate entities are not included.
    • "Subscribing individual" is a specific individual who is a registered user and applied for subscription.
    • "Subscribing department" is the department where individual subscribers belong. Same corporation etc.'s minimum unit which has an annual budget.
  2. Approval: AAA permits individuals to subscribe. Except actions described under "3. Unauthorized / Forbidden," subscribing individuals can use AAA in the following ways.
    • AAA may be freely subscribed / browsed within reasonable bounds by subscribing individuals.
    • New subscribers may read all already published publications.
    • AAA's reports may be freely used within the "same corporation etc."
    • Quotation, citation and reproduction of reports are permitted within the "same corporation etc." However, posting on the Internet or company LAN is not permitted.
      • However, source must be specified as "Source: AAA published by FOURIN, Inc." or "Copyright FOURIN, Inc." on each page etc.
    • It is permissible to print and distribute AAA's materials only within the "same subscribing department" or the "same corporation etc."
    • AAA's materials are guaranteed to be available on the Internet for ten years from publication. Subsequent availability will depend on the discretion of the company.
    • Once a subscription expires, access to all materials including older publications is terminated.
  3. Unauthorized / Forbidden: It is forbidden to use AAA's materials in whole or in part by the following means without prior written permission.
    • Quotation, citation and reproduction not within the "same corporation etc."
    • Transmitting or transferring to a third party with or without alteration.
    • Posting on the Internet or company LAN.
    • The following conducts are not permitted with the email address and password used for user registration and subscription application.
      1. Sharing registered e-mail address and password with others,
      2. registering an e-mail address and password used by multiple users,
      3. registering free email addresses provided by IT companies, and
      4. other e-mail addresses and e-mail address uses which go against our service.
    • Translating into another language and providing them to a third party other than the "same corporation etc."
    • Scanning survey reports and converting them into electronic data.
    • It is prohibited to delete or change the passwords of various data provided by AAA.
    • Selling whole or in part for whatever reason to a third party.
    • AAA shall not accept subscription from rival research companies and similar entities.
    • AAA shall not accept subscription from organizations, libraries and similar entities.
    • All other methods and scope of actions which are not explicitly permitted in article 2.
  4. Warning / Termination:
    • If confirmed that these guidelines have been clearly violated, the person in charge will be directly warned. If the violation does not stop within two weeks after the warning, the subscription will be terminated.
    • If damages occur to FOURIN or copyright owners as a result of the violation, claim for damages will be made.
  5. Changes:
    • This AAA Copyright Guidelines" may change on a timely basis.
    • Following a revision, when a new "AAA Copyright Guidelines" is presented, new subscribers, new contracts, extension and renewal of existing contracts shall be considered to be approved by the new "AAA Copyright Guidelines."
March 2020