Subscription Plans for Reports and Statistics

In addition to reports, AAA also provides statistical data on the automobile production and sales of China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines*, Singapore*, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam*. Statistical data of China and Japan is sold separately while data on the other 10 countries is sold as a set. If subscribed with a plan that includes statistical data, that data is sent to you every month in Excel format. Please note that statistical data is exclusively intended for AAA subscribers. Data may be purchased in any combination listed below. We offer discounted package pricing for plans including statistical data - see below for details.

* = Sales data only

Individual subscription combined with statistical data (1 person): See table below.

Reports and Statistics Online reports
published weekly ↓
Statistical data in Excel format
sent to you monthly ↓
AAA reports China's statistical data Japan's statistical data Other Asia statistical data
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Annual Subscription Fee
(Base prices)
90,000 JPY + 50,000 JPY + 40,000 JPY + 40,000 JPY
Subscription Plans and Pricing AAA
Statistical data for
Statistical data for
Statistical data for
Other Asia
Full set
(30% off the base price)
154,000 JPY
Reports + China + Japan data
(20% off the base price)
144,000 JPY
Reports + China + Other Asia data
(20% off the base price)
144,000 JPY
Reports + Japan + Other Asia data
(20% off the base price)
136,000 JPY
Reports + China data
(10% off the base price)
126,000 JPY
Reports + Japan data
(10% off the base price)
117,000 JPY
Reports + Other Asia data
(10% off the base price)
117,000 JPY
Reports Only
90,000 JPY

(Consumption tax applies to subscriptions within Japan.)

Individual subscription (1 person)

  • The prices listed in the table above apply to a single individual subscription.

Group subscription including statistical data (2 ~ 9 people)

  • The prices listed in the table above apply to the first reader's subscription.
  • Each additional subscription beyond that up to 9 will be half of the given price.
  • An administrator (who may or may not choose to designate themselves as a subscriber) is required.
  • The administrator is in charge of managing payments and the adding/removal of subscribers.
  • Additional subscribers added in the first quarter of the subscription period will be charged full price.
  • Those added in the 2nd quarter 75% of the full price.
  • Those added in the 3rd quarter 50% of the full price.
  • Those added in the 4th quarter 25% of the full price.
  • Cancelled subscriptions are not eligible for a refund.
  • The administrator can reassign subscription slots to different employees as needed.

Enterprise subscription including statistical data (10+ people)

  • The price will be 10 times whichever elegible plan is selected from the table above.
  • The price will not exceed that, regardless of how many employees use the service.
  • Unlimited access will be granted to email addresses on your company's domain, accessing from your company's IP address.


  • To begin the subscription process we will send you an invoice by email.
  • If paying by wire transfer, transfer fees may apply. Please check with your bank for details.
  • Prices are in Japanese yen. The daily exchange rate applies.
  • After applying for a subscription, you will receive a confirmation email and an invoice. After receiving both, please make your payment online.
  • Please note that payment confirmation (and the beginnning of your subscription) may take 3-5 business days.
  • If you have questions about other payment methods, or anything at all, please feel free to contact us.

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