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Date Country Category Report Title
2023.10.31 S. Korea Automobiles Electric Vehicles Suppliers INZI Controls Shifting Business Focus to EV Components
2022.05.10 Japan Suppliers Japanese Automobile Parts Suppliers in Russia and Ukraine
2022.02.16 China Suppliers Company Introduction Batteries Sunwoda Ranked Among the Top 10 Drive Battery Suppliers in 2021
2020.12.28 China Suppliers Market Electric Vehicles Recent Developments in China’s Electrified Drive Components and Integrated Mechatronics Market
2020.11.09 China Suppliers Sales Production NEV Battery Supplier Farasis Boasts Top-level R&D Expenses in 2019
2020.09.07 China Suppliers SenseTime Advances Development of Self-driving Technology
2020.06.08 China Suppliers Sales Market Leading Surveillance Camera Maker Hikvision Focuses on Expanding ADAS Sales
2020.05.11 China Suppliers BorgWarner Increases Product Supply to Chinese Automakers
2020.05.04 India Market Suppliers Sales Rane Group Delays Production Expansion of New Plants Due to Shrinking Domestic Market
2020.05.04 Japan Suppliers Sales Policy Daicel Carries Out Organizational Reforms to Create New Businesses, Recover Profits
2020.04.27 India Suppliers Production India’s Airbag Industry: Major Players Restructure Operations to Meet Rising Demand
2020.04.27 China Suppliers Sales Production CALB Enhances Drive Battery Production Capacity in Anticipation of Growing Demand
2020.04.20 China Suppliers Sales Shinry Technologies: Strengthens Production, R&D to Meet Rising Demand
2020.04.13 India Suppliers Production India’s Tire Industry: Despite Shrinking Demand, Major Manufacturers Engage in Business Expansion
2020.04.06 China Suppliers Sales Production EVE Energy Received Orders for LIB from Daimler, Kia, Increasing Production Capacity to 52GWh
2020.03.30 India Suppliers Sales Production Rico Auto Industries Enters BEV Parts Sector, Winning Orders from Renault, BMW, PSA
2020.03.23 Japan Suppliers Technology Policy Akebono Brake Industry Closes Plants, Reduces Workforce in Accordance with Revitalization Plan
2020.03.09 India Indonesia Vietnam Suppliers Production Ashok Minda Group Strengthens Competitiveness of Security System Division
2020.02.03 Germany Japan Suppliers Technology High-accuracy Positioning Terminal Estimates Vehicle Position Within a Few Centimeters