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Sunwoda Ranked Among the Top 10 Drive Battery Suppliers in 2021

This report includes information on the following topics: Key images:
  • Sunwoda
  • China
  • EV drive batteries
  • battery development
  • battery production
  • company sales
  • Chinese automakers
  • overseas automakers
  • battery R&D
  • company history
  • business scope
  • 3C batteries
  • GAC Motor
  • Geely Automobile
  • SAIC-GM-Wuling
  • top 10 supplier
  • Shenzhen city
  • Wang Mingwang
  • number of employees
  • production of drive battery cells
  • drive batteries for e-POWER vehicles
  • Nissan Motor
  • CATL
  • production capacity of drive batteries
  • Lanxi city
  • sales revenue
  • operating profit margin
  • investment to sales ratio
  • financial indicators
  • top 10 drive battery manufacturers by battery capacity
  • battery capacity ranking
  • company strategy
  • HEV and BEV battery business
  • BYD
  • Farasis
  • carbon neutral target
  • green energy used for production
  • roadmap for CO2 reduction
  • energy storage
  • cascading use of drive batteries
  • recycling of drive batteries
  • decline in sales
  • delay in delivery
  • coronavirus pandemic
  • Covid-19
  • H1 2021 report
  • sales from January to June 2021
  • drive battery sales increase
  • Huang Shaoqi
  • Nankai University-Sunwoda Advanced Battery Joint Laboratory
  • composite electrolytes
  • high ionic conductivity
  • low interfacial resistance
  • CALB
  • metal-air batteries
  • lithium-metal batteries
  • sodium-ion batteries
  • solid-state lithium-ion batteries
  • lithium-sulfur pouch-type batteries
  • high-performance all-solid-state batteries
  • Guizhou Chanhen Chemical
  • iron phosphate production line
  • new plant construction
  • Zhejiang Geely Holding Group
  • Zhejiang Jirun Automobile
  • Zaozhuang city
  • Lynk & Co
  • Volvo
  • Gotion High-tech
  • Sunwoda-Liwinon Zhejiang Industry Park
  • new subsidiary
  • Dongfeng Motor
  • Aeolus E70 compact sedan
  • Zaozhuang Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone Administration Committee
  • Viridi E-Mobility Technology (Ningbo)
  • smart
  • LG
  • EVE
  • Geometry
  • Huating (Hefei) Power Technology
  • Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor
  • T5EV lithium iron phosphate battery packs
  • Sylphy e-POWER compact car
  • Shenzhen Qianhai Hongsheng Technology
  • Shenzhen Huike New Materials
  • acquisition
  • Tianjin Lishen Battery
  • joint venture
  • Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd.
  • Sunwoda's battery manufacturing subsidiaries
  • Dongguan Liwinon Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Sunwoda Huizhou New Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Sunwoda Electric Vehicle Battery Co. Ltd.
  • Sunwoda Huizhou Power New Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Nanjing Sunwoda New Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Nanchang Sunwoda New Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Shandong Geely Sunwoda Power Battery Co., Ltd.
  • Shandong Sunwoda New Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Huizhou Liwinon New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Sunwoda logo Graph: Sunwoda: Sales Revenue and Operating Profit Margin (2016-2020, YTD Sep. 2020 / 2021) Graph: Sunwoda: R&D Investment and Its Ratio to Sales (2016-2020, YTD Sep. 2020 / 2021)

China’s Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of various types of batteries. The company's total sales in 2020 increased 17.6% from the previous year to 29.69 billion CNY. However, drive battery sales decreased 49.5% to about 430 million CNY. The cause of the decline in sales was delay in delivery of drive batteries to automakers in China and overseas due to the impact of the new coronavirus. In the first six months of 2021, drive battery sales rose 4.4-fold to 570 million CNY thanks to new orders from GAC Motor, Geely Automobile and SAIC-GM-Wuling among other automakers. In full-year 2021, Sunwoda became top 10 supplier of drive batteries.

Sunwoda: Company Overview and History


Full name: Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd.
Sunwoda logo
Short name: Sunwoda
Headquarters: Shenzhen city, Guangdong province
Established: 1997
Capital: Approx. 1.63 billion CNY
Legal rep.: General Manager Wang Wei
Stock code: 300207.SZ
Ownership: Wang Mingwang (private investor) 23.24%, etc.
Business scope: R&D and production of 3C batteries (for mobile phones, tablet and laptop computers, etc.), pen-type data input devices, robots, drive batteries, energy storage batteries, etc.
Facilities: See table below
Employees: 27,500 (of which approx. 6,000 are R&D personnel)


・1997: Established under the name Shenzhen Xinwangda Electronic Co., Ltd. ・2008: Began development of lithium-ion battery modules for electric vehicles. ・Oct. 2008: Renamed to Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd. ・Apr. 2011: Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Startup Board. ・Oct. 2014: Established Sunwoda Electric Vehicle Battery Co. Ltd. ・2018: Began production of drive battery cells. ・Jun. 2020: Sunwoda Electric Vehicle Battery started feasibility study of joint development of drive batteries for e-POWER vehicles with Nissan Motor. ・Jul. 2020: Completed construction of the first phase of its subsidiary Nanjing Sunwoda New Energy Co., Ltd.’s drive battery plant. - Investment amount: 3.5 billion CNY. Building area: Approx. 140,000 m2. Annual production capacity of drive batteries: 4 GWh. ・Nov. 2020: Began construction of its subsidiary Zhejiang Xindong Energy Technology Co., Ltd.’s plant. - Investment amount: Approx. 2 billion CNY. Products: Drive and energy storage batteries, etc. Location: Lanxi city, Zhejiang province. (Created using Sunwoda’s PR materials)
Graph: Sunwoda: Sales Revenue and Operating Profit Margin (2016-2020, YTD Sep. 2020 / 2021)Graph: Sunwoda: R&D Investment and Its Ratio to Sales (2016-2020, YTD Sep. 2020 / 2021)
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