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Date Country Category Report Title
2022.09.02 Indonesia Sales Automobiles Indonesia’s Automobile Sales Results in the First Half of 2022
2022.08.26 Thailand Sales Automobiles Thailand’s Automobile Sales Results in the First Half of 2022
2022.08.22 Taiwan Electric Vehicles Powertrain Company Activities Gogoro: Professing Strength in In-house Powertrain Solutions Such as Swapping Batteries and Drive Units
2022.08.19 Company Introduction Zero Motorcycles: Leading BEV Sports Motorcycle Maker with Presence in Over 100 Countries
2022.08.19 China Motorcycles Electric Vehicles Company Activities Super SOCO: Strengthening Electric Motorcycle Products with New Launches; Introducing Battery Swapping System for Scooters
2022.08.19 Taiwan Motorcycles Industry Trends Company Activities Gogoro: Becoming the De Facto Standard for BEV Motorcycles in Taiwan
2022.08.19 China Sales Company Activities Niu Technologies: Aiming to Expand Overseas Business with a Focus on Europe by Strengthening Electric Mobility Products for Various Areas Including Last One Mile
2022.08.12 Manufacturers Company Introduction Company Activities Scutum Logistic (Silence): Europe’s Largest BEV Motorcycle Manufacturer
2022.08.12 Electric Vehicles Company Activities Askoll EVA: Seeing Sluggish Sales in the Face of Fierce Competition in Italy
2022.08.11 China Sales Company Introduction Company Activities Super SOCO: Expanding Sales Mainly in Europe in Partnership with Australia’s Vmoto
2022.08.05 India Production Ola Electric Mobility: Aiming for the Production of 10 Million BEV Motorcycles in 2027
2022.08.04 China Motorcycles Electric Vehicles Niu Technologies: Sold 1 Million Electric Mobility Units Worldwide and Raised Annual Production Capacity to 2 Million Units in 2021
2022.08.03 Taiwan Technology Electric Vehicles Company Introduction Gogoro: Aiming to Build a HaaS Business Model with Swapping Batteries
2022.08.02 India Japan Electric Vehicles Company Activities Toyota Motor’s Business Developments in India’s EV Sector
2022.07.29 India Japan Sales Automobiles Company Activities Toyota Motor’s Sales Results in India in YTD March 2022
2022.07.29 Asia (General) Japan Production Automobiles Japanese Automakers Aim for More Effective Utilization of ASEAN Production System
2022.07.27 Japan Sales Automobiles Company Activities Honda Motor’s Sales Results in Thailand in YTD May 2022
2022.07.25 Japan Production Automobiles Company Activities Mazda Motor’s Global Production Capacity of Automobiles
2022.07.22 Japan Sales Automobiles Company Activities Audi’s 2021 Sales Results in Japan
2022.07.22 Japan Sales Automobiles Company Activities Porsche’s 2021 Sales Results in Japan