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Evaluation of Global Automakers’ EV Transition

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), a US non-profit organization which provides technical and scientific analysis to environmental regulators, has released a ranking of the top 20 global automakers regarding their efforts toward EV transition. The ranking is based on the evaluation of three areas: market superiority, technical performance and strategic vision. Automakers were evaluated from zero to 100 points.

The two OEMs which made it to the top third, Tesla (overall score: 83 points) and BYD (73 points), earned the title “Leaders.” “Transitioners,” which scored in the midrange, are BMW (56 points), VW (53 points) and Stellantis (50 points) among others, taking the third to fifth places respectively. The majority of automakers in the top and midrange are Western and Chinese manufacturers.

The bottom third of the ranking contains five Japanese OEMs and India’s Tata, ranging between 30 to zero points. These companies are being labeled as the “Laggards.”

Table data: Global Automakers: Overall Evaluation of EV Transition (2022)
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