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2021.07.05 Indonesia Sales Production Export Policy Automobiles Toyota Motor in Indonesia: Daihatsu’s DNGA Platform-based Raize Entered the Market
2021.04.05 Indonesia Policy Indonesia: Motorcycle Sales Fall 43.6% to 3.66 Million Units in 2020; Honda’s Share Reaching Nearly 80%
2021.03.29 Japan Policy Electric Vehicles Toyota Expands Partnerships in Mobility Service Business and Electrification
2021.03.22 Vietnam Market Policy Vietnam’s Automobile Market Decreases 10% in 2020 While GDP Growth Stays Positive
2021.03.22 China Market Policy Drive Battery Trends of Foreign Companies in China
2021.03.22 Pakistan Market Policy Pakistan’s Automobile Market Decreases by 30% in 2020
2021.03.15 Philippines Market Policy Philippines: The Automobile Market in 2020 Shrinks to 250,000 Units
2021.03.08 China Policy Chinese IT Giant Baidu Enters BEV Manufacturing Sector
2021.03.01 China Policy Great Wall Motor Enters Thailand, Further Increasing Presence of Chinese Automakers in Asia
2021.02.22 Japan Sales Policy Electric Vehicles Honda Global Strategy: Teaming Up with OEMs to Advance CASE Technologies
2021.02.22 Malaysia Sales Policy Malaysia: 14% Decrease in Automobile Sales in 2020, but the Sales Volume Is Expected to Recover Soon
2021.02.15 China Policy Autonomy China: IT Companies Oligopolize the HD Map Market, Pushing New Entrants Away
2021.02.15 India Sales Production Policy Electric Vehicles Tata Motors Expands BEV Lineup, Consolidates Connected Services
2021.02.15 Indonesia Market Policy Automobiles Indonesia's Automobile Market Expected to Shrink by 49%
2021.02.08 Thailand Sales Production Policy Electric Vehicles Thailand: BOI Promotes EV Production Measures While Waiting for the Market Recovery
2021.02.08 India Sales Production Policy Tata Motors’ Passenger Vehicle Business Developments
2021.02.08 China Technology Policy Inceptio Plans to Launch Mass Production of Level 3 Heavy Trucks in 2021
2021.02.08 Japan Sales Production Policy Daihatsu Motor’s Cooperation Strategy
2021.02.01 India Sales Production Policy Suzuki Motor Launches New Plant, Localizes LiB in India to Maintain Top Share
2021.02.01 China Sales Policy China’s NEV Market Is Forecast to Surpass 1.5 Million Units in 2021