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South Korea’s New Roadmap to Lead in Advanced Strategic Technologies

On August 29, 2023, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Communications of South Korea announced a roadmap for promoting and supporting advanced strategic technologies, defining areas that are expected to have significant business opportunities in the future. South Korea aims to take the lead in these fields.

The Korean government has designated 13 technological areas that are important from the perspectives of economy, diplomacy, security, and new industry creation as advanced strategic technologies. Three areas are particularly relevant to the automobile industry: ① rechargeable batteries, ② semiconductors, and ③ advanced mobility. The roadmap also provides development goals and support mechanisms for these three areas.

Regarding rechargeable batteries, four priority technology areas have been designated: ① lithium-ion battery cells and materials, ② next-generation rechargeable batteries, ③ rechargeable battery modules and systems, and ④ battery reuse and recycling. South Korea aims to compete in the LFP battery sector with CATL and other Chinese battery manufacturers, focusing on performance rather than cost. In preparation for the future, South Korea will promote the development of semi-solid / all-solid-state batteries and sodium-ion batteries, as well as strengthen the management of used battery recycling.

As for semiconductors, to maintain the market presence of Korean semiconductor manufacturers, the country will support technological development in six areas: ① high-density / resistance-based memory, ② high-performance / low-power consumption AI semiconductors, ③ advanced packaging, ④ power semiconductors, ⑤ high-performance sensors, and ⑥ materials, parts, and equipment.

Regarding advanced mobility, South Korea has designated three areas as priority issues: ① autonomous driving systems, ② UAM (Urban Air Mobility), and ③ BEVs and FCEVs. In preparation for the commercialization of fully autonomous vehicles and UAM in 2027, the country plans to deepen its involvement in human resource and standards development, as well as work on infrastructure creation.

Data: South Korea: Formulation of Strategic Technology Promotion Roadmap (August 2023)
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