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Date Country Category Report Title
2024.01.29 India Sales Production Motorcycles India’s BEV Motorcycle Sales Increased Nearly 40% in 2023
2024.01.22 Taiwan Motorcycles Electric Vehicles Taiwan’s Electric Motorcycle Sales Peaked Despite Continued Subsidies
2023.11.27 Japan Electric Vehicles Nissan Motor at JMS: Promoting Electric Mobility, EV Ecosystem, Intelligent Technology
2023.11.17 Thailand Sales Production Motorcycles In Thailand’s BEV Motorcycle Market, Moderate Demand Driven by Subsidies
2023.11.15 China New Models Sales Electric Vehicles China’s Emerging NEV Manufacturer: XPeng
2023.11.14 China Sales Electric Vehicles Company Introduction China’s Emerging NEV Manufacturer: NIO
2023.11.10 China New Models Sales Production China’s Emerging NEV Manufacturers: Hozon Auto and Li Auto
2023.11.08 China New Models Sales Electric Vehicles China’s Emerging NEV Manufacturers: Leapmotor and Seres
2023.10.31 S. Korea Automobiles Electric Vehicles Suppliers INZI Controls Shifting Business Focus to EV Components
2023.10.02 India Sales Motorcycles Electric Vehicles India’s Sales Results of Electric Motorcycles in the First Half of 2023
2023.09.11 Japan Sales Automobiles Electric Vehicles Japan’s Sales Results of Imported Vehicle Brands in the First Half of 2023
2023.09.04 Sales Automobiles Electric Vehicles Global PHEV / BEV Passenger Vehicle Sales Surpassed 10 Million Units in 2022
2023.08.28 China Sales Electric Vehicles China’s PHEV Market Grows Faster Than BEV, HEV
2023.08.22 Other Electric Vehicles Evaluation of Global Automakers’ EV Transition
2023.06.19 Asia (General) Sales Production Electric Vehicles Asia’s Electric Vehicle Sales and Production Results in 2022
2023.05.15 India Market Motorcycles Electric Vehicles Ola Electric Launches Entry-level S1 Air Scooter to Boost Presence in BEV Market
2023.04.27 China Japan Automobiles Electric Vehicles Company Activities BYD Launches 3 BEV Cars in 2023, Aims for 100 Stores by 2025 in Japan
2023.03.22 India Motorcycles Electric Vehicles India’s Electric Motorcycle Sales in 2022
2023.01.27 Taiwan New Models Electric Vehicles Batteries Taiwan’s KYMCO Launched Six BEV Models, Installed 2,000 Swapping Stations in 2022
2023.01.12 China Market Automobiles Electric Vehicles China’s NEV Market Forecast for 2023