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2021.08.23 Japan China Company Introduction Electric Vehicles Envision AESC: Nissan’s Growing Demand for Electric Car Batteries Prompts Establishment of New Factories
2021.08.02 China Company Introduction Semiconductor Developer SemiDrive Launches Large-scale Chip Supply
2021.07.26 China Japan Nissan Motor in China: e-Power, Other Core Technologies Entering the Market
2021.06.14 China Technology Market Government Regulation Huawei Enters Automobile Market: Selling Cars, Supplying Technology and Parts
2021.06.14 China Autonomy Major Drone Manufacturer DJI Expands Autonomous Driving Business
2021.05.31 China Import China’s Imported Passenger Vehicle Market: Volume Dropped 10.6% to 1 Million Units
2021.05.31 China ADAS / AI China’s Unmanned Delivery Market: Demand Surged Due to the Pandemic
2021.05.10 China Sales Industry Trends Automobile Sales in Post-corona China: The Rise of Online Sales with Live Commerce Increasing Its Presence
2021.05.03 China Sales Nissan Motor’s Automobile Sales in China Decline 6% in 2020 to 1.45 Million Units
2021.04.26 China Sales Honda Motor’s Automobile Sales in China Reach Record High Level in 2020 Driven by HEVs and SUVs
2021.04.19 China New Models Electric Vehicles The Low-price Wuling Hongguang MINI Electric Vehicle Sells Well but Lack of Airbags Poses Concerns
2021.04.12 China Sales Toyota Motor’s Automobile Sales in China Increase 11% in 2020 to 1.8 Million Units
2021.03.22 China Market Policy Drive Battery Trends of Foreign Companies in China
2021.03.15 China Market China’s Motorcycle Market Remains on the Previous Year’s Level in 2020
2021.03.08 China Policy Chinese IT Giant Baidu Enters BEV Manufacturing Sector
2021.03.01 China Policy Great Wall Motor Enters Thailand, Further Increasing Presence of Chinese Automakers in Asia
2021.02.22 China Sales China: Automobile Production Overview for December 2020
2021.02.15 China Policy Autonomy China: IT Companies Oligopolize the HD Map Market, Pushing New Entrants Away
2021.02.08 China Technology Policy Inceptio Plans to Launch Mass Production of Level 3 Heavy Trucks in 2021
2021.02.01 China Sales Policy China’s NEV Market Is Forecast to Surpass 1.5 Million Units in 2021