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China’s Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Focuses on Digital Cockpits for Autonomous Driving Vehicles

In 2022, Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems increased sales by 13.2% from the previous year to 100.6 billion CNY, benefiting from rising demand due to the expansion of the Chinese automobile market. However, operating profit fell 12.7% year on year to 5.15 billion CNY due to soaring raw material prices and increased research and development costs for products such as the digital cockpits.

Currently, with the trend towards smarter automobile products, Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems is focusing on the digital cockpit sector. In April 2023, it announced the digital cockpit XiM23s, which emphasizes digital performance and features a luxurious design that reflects the tastes of Chinese users. In order to improve the user experience, it is adapted to various usage environments including autonomous driving. A retractable 8K display is installed in the front, which can be used for video conferencing and presentations. By adjusting the seat, it is also possible to enjoy entertainment content such as movies and music in a comfortable position.

Yanfeng is increasing its product competitiveness in preparation for the spread of autonomous driving technology. In order to strengthen its technological development capabilities, Yanfeng is promoting alliances with other companies. In the exterior lamp business, the company has partnered with HASCO Vision Technology of China, which develops lamp-related products and lighting technology. In addition, regarding the development of digital cockpit and human-vehicle interaction technology, Yanfeng has forged a cooperative relationship with MINIEYE, a Chinese autonomous driving sensing system developer.

Text: Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems: Company HistoryGraph: Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems: Sales and Operating Profit Margin (2018-2022)
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