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China’s Shenzhen MINIEYE Technology Strengthens Development of Driving Support Solutions

The predecessor of Shenzhen MINIEYE Technology was launched in 2012 as an ADAS project supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA). Founder Liu Guoqing transferred the project to China in 2013 and incorporated it in 2014. Since no significant progress has been made in the practical application of autonomous driving technology beyond Level 3, MINIEYE is working on the development of more realistic ADAS and NOA (Navigation on Autopilot) technologies up to Level 2++. As of October 2023, MINIEYE was developing iSafety, an ADAS system equivalent to Level 0-2 technology, iPilot, equivalent to Level 2+ / Level 2++ technology, and iCabin, a cockpit component.

As the adoption of ADAS and NOA technologies continues to expand, MINIEYE is stepping up its introduction of related products. In July 2022, the company announced its independently developed iPilot series driving support solution. It was developed based on a calculation platform with 3TOPS of calculation power, and is equipped with one camera and five radars, as well as high-precision maps from NavInfo. A test vehicle equipped with this solution achieved NOA on the highway.

Additionally, in January 2023, MINIEYE announced the D3t domain controller for autonomous driving and the D2 forward-looking camera solution equipped with Horizon Robotics' Journey series chip. The D3t, which was developed based on the Journey5, has a computing power of 128TOPS, and is equipped with 11 cameras and 5 millimeter wave radars. It supports functions such as Level 2++ autonomous driving, highway NOA, and parking by remembering the surrounding environment. The D2 was developed based on the Journey3 and supports various sensor arrangements such as 1 camera and 1 radar, 1 camera and 5 radars, and 5 cameras and 5 radars.

Text: MINIEYE:Company Overview, History and Top Management (As of October 2023)
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