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China’s Zhito Launches Level 2-4 Heavy-duty Trucks for Road Logistics, Industrial Parks

Suzhou Zhito Technology, established by FAW Jiefang Automotive in August 2019, specializes in the development of autonomous driving technology for commercial vehicles. Zhito has developed technology platforms such as AI algorithms, hardware, middleware, software and security for autonomous driving systems. The company also provides other autonomous driving and logistics solutions with the aim of operating in main-road logistics, industrial parks, and wharves.

In order to improve autonomous driving technology, Zhito is strengthening cooperation with LiDAR and positioning technology development companies. Zhito concluded agreements with two LiDAR makers, RoboSense in November 2021 and Innovusion in March 2023, to purchase LiDAR systems. Additionally, in September 2022, Zhito agreed to collaborate with satellite positioning antenna maker Harxon in areas such as high-precision positioning technology, 5G communication, and V2X communication.

In anticipation of an increase in demand for self-driving heavy-duty trucks, Zhito is accelerating product launches. Following FAW Jiefang’s J7-based self-driving heavy-duty truck that rolled off the line in July 2021, the company released a J6V-based self-driving heavy-duty truck in June 2022. In September of the same year, Zhito launched a J6V truck with Level 2++ technology, and is expected to announce next-generation products by the end of 2023.

Looking at Zhito’s track record of product launches, in August 2022, heavy-duty trucks equipped with the company’s self-driving technology were delivered to logistics companies Dekun Logistics and CJ Rokin. In addition, an unmanned customs container truck equipped with Level 4 technology was also delivered to a checkpoint on the border between China and Mongolia.

Data: Suzhou Zhito Technology: Company Overview and History (As of November 2023)
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