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Daihatsu Motor’s New Procurement Strategy

Based on the concept of DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture), Daihatsu Motor is carrying out “parts redevelopment activities” to share and optimize parts. Since DNGA’s new platform is designed to cover up to two generations ahead, specifications are required for parts that look 10 years into the future. As a result of parts redevelopment linked to DNGA’s collective planning, the parts sharing rate of the mini, A and B segments has increased to more than 75% by 2019. Therefore, it has become even more pressing to select suppliers which can mass manufacture parts.

In recent years, Daihatsu’s procurement department has become involved in the upstream process of parts design by suppliers. Closer ties with suppliers allow the development of parts which can be used by more than one vehicle segment. In addition, since 2018, Daihatsu has been inviting overseas suppliers to Japanese parts exhibitions. Due to improving the technological capabilities of overseas suppliers, Daihatsu decided in 2019 to use parts from a Malaysian supplier for the first time in domestically-produced models.

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