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2022.06.08 Thailand Sales Automobiles Thailand’s Segmented Sales Results of Automobiles in 2021
2022.06.01 Thailand Sales Market Automobiles Toyota Motor’s Business Developments in Thailand
2022.05.27 Thailand Japan Sales Production Export Toyota Motor’s Sales, Production and Exports Results in Thailand in 2021
2022.05.26 Asia (General) India Indonesia Electric Vehicles Industry Trends Batteries Asia’s EV Battery Charging Infrastructure Development
2022.05.13 Asia (General) India Indonesia Market Export Import International Trade of Motor Vehicles and Parts in Asia in 2021
2022.05.12 Thailand Sales Production Export Thailand’s Motorcycle Sales, Production and Export Results in 2021
2022.04.26 Thailand China Japan Export Automobiles Thailand’s Automobile Exports in 2021
2022.04.01 Thailand Toyota Motor Sets 2022 Sales Target at 284,000 Vehicles
2022.03.25 Thailand Production Automobiles Thailand’s Vehicle Production Dropped 18.1% to 1.69 Million Units in 2021
2022.02.18 Thailand Sales Automobiles Thailand’s Vehicle Sales Dropped Over 4% to Below 760,000 Units in 2021
2022.01.24 Thailand Market Electric Vehicles Company Activities Thailand’s Electric Vehicle Market: Toyota Leads the HEV Market
2021.08.31 Thailand Sales Automobiles Thailand’s Automobile Sales Results in YTD June 2021
2021.06.28 Thailand Sales Automobiles Thailand’s Automobile Sales by Segment: Pickup Trucks Accounted for 48% of All Sales in 2020
2021.05.17 Thailand Thailand: Automobile Exports Decreased 30.2% to 740,000 Units in 2020
2021.04.26 Thailand Sales Motorcycles Thailand’s Motorcycle Sales Drop 12% to 1.52 Million Units in 2020
2021.04.19 Thailand Production Thailand’s Automobile Production Declines 29 Percent to 1.43 Million Units in 2020, Lowest Level Since 2011
2021.03.29 Thailand Sales Thailand: Automobile Sales Decline 21.4% to 790,000 Units in 2020
2021.02.08 Thailand Sales Production Policy Thailand: BOI Promotes EV Production Measures While Waiting for the Market Recovery
2021.01.18 Thailand Sales Thailand’s Motor Vehicle Ownership in 2020
2020.11.30 Thailand Sales Production Policy Thai Auto Parts Supplier AAPICO Hitech Steps Up Overseas Business Expansion