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Date Country Category Report Title
2021.09.02 Indonesia Indonesia’s Automobile Sales Results in YTD June 2021
2021.07.05 Indonesia Sales Production Export Policy Automobiles Toyota Motor in Indonesia: Daihatsu’s DNGA Platform-based Raize Entered the Market
2021.06.28 Indonesia Sales Automobiles Indonesia’s Automobile Sales by Segment: Best-selling Small MPV Segment Dropped 55% in 2020
2021.05.17 Indonesia Export Indonesia: Automobile Exports Fell 30.1% to 230,000 Units in 2020
2021.04.19 Indonesia Production Indonesia’s Automobile Production Declines 47% to 690,000 Units in 2020
2021.04.05 Indonesia Policy Indonesia: Motorcycle Sales Fall 43.6% to 3.66 Million Units in 2020; Honda’s Share Reaching Nearly 80%
2021.04.05 Indonesia Sales Motorcycles Indonesia’s Luxury Tax System Is Proposed to Be Revised, Raising Tax Burden on HEVS
2021.03.29 Indonesia Sales Indonesia: Automobile Sales Fall 48.5% to 532,000 Units in 2020
2021.02.15 Indonesia Market Policy Automobiles Indonesia's Automobile Market Expected to Shrink by 49%
2021.02.01 Indonesia Sales Indonesia’s Motor Vehicle Ownership in 2020
2020.11.23 Indonesia Policy Indonesia Promotes the Expansion of BEVs and Supporting Infrastructure
2020.11.02 Indonesia Sales Production Export Indonesia’s Motorcycle Sales Remain Robust in 2019, Going Up an Additional 1.6%
2020.09.14 Indonesia Policy Regulation Impact of the New Coronavirus in Indonesia: Implementation of New Emission Rules Are Postponed Amid the Pandemic
2020.09.14 Indonesia Sales Indonesia’s Automobile Sales in the First Half of 2020
2020.09.07 India Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Production Wheel Manufacturers Boost Investment in India to Increase Capacity, Set Up New Plants
2020.09.07 Japan Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Thailand Vietnam Sales Honda Motor’s ASEAN Sales Decline 8.9% to 417,000 Units in 2019
2020.09.07 Indonesia Japan Malaysia Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam Sales Mitsubishi Motors: 2019 ASEAN Sales Fell By 1.0% To 310,000 Units, But Increased In Thailand and Vietnam Thanks To Xpander
2020.09.07 Indonesia Japan Malaysia Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam Sales Mazda: 2019 Sales In 6 ASEAN Countries Decreased By 15.6% Due to Economic Stagnation, Aiming for Sales Recovery With CX-30 In 2020
2020.08.31 Japan Indonesia Malaysia Sales UD Trucks’s 2019 Sales Decline Over 30% in ASEAN
2020.08.10 Indonesia Sales Market Indonesia’s Automobile Market by Segment in 2019: Sales Decrease 10.6% to 1.03 Million Units