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2020.02.17 China Finance Government Policy The Issue of “Forced” Technology Transfer in China
2020.02.10 India China Manufacturers New Models Technology India’s BEV Bus Sector: China’s BYD, Beiqi Foton Are Second Only to Local Players
2020.02.10 China Finance Government Policy China Implements New Foreign Investment Law in 2020
2020.02.03 China Japan Manufacturers Market Global Smart City Initiatives by Countries, Automakers
2020.01.27 China Japan Technology Nidec Starts Production of 1st-gen E-Axle, R&D of 2nd, 3rd Generation Is Underway
2020.01.20 China Japan Policy Electric Vehicles China’s New NEV Regulations for 2021–2023
2020.01.20 China Policy Electric Vehicles Analysis of FCEV TCO Reveals That Heavy-duty Trucks Have the Highest Potential
2020.01.06 Germany China 9th Aachen Colloquium China: Chinese OEMs Aim to Improve Engine Thermal Efficiency
2019.12.30 USA China Japan US, Chinese Automakers Increasingly Use Magnesium as Vehicle Body Material
2019.12.09 UK Norway Sweden Latest Trends in the FCEV Sector; Toyota, BMW, Fuso Announce New Concept Models
2019.11.25 USA China GM Aims to Increase Profits Through Selection and Concentration of Products and Markets (Part 2 of 2)
2019.11.25 China China’s Fuel Cell Sector: New Entrants, Rapid Development Intensify Competition
2019.11.18 France USA China PSA – FCA Merger: Intensifying Development of B-segment BEV Sold Below 2 Million Japanese Yen
2019.11.18 USA Canada China GM Aims to Increase Profits Through Selection and Concentration of Products and Markets
2019.11.05 Germany Canada China Vehicle Battery Cases: Suppliers Propose to Use Aluminum, 1.2GPa High-strength Steel for Weight Reduction
2019.10.21 China Hong Kong Waymo and Handful of Other Startups Continue to Dominate the Sector
2019.10.21 China Europe(General) Škoda Auto Shifts Focus to Mobility Services, Digital Solutions
2019.10.15 China Commercial Vehicle Engine After-treatment Systems: Companies to Comply with New Emission Regulations
2019.10.15 Germany USA China ZF’s New Eight-speed Hybrid AT to Go into Mass Production in 2022
2019.10.15 China Europe(General) Bosch, Benteler Jointly Develop BEV Platform, Targeting Emerging OEMs in China