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2022.06.17 Malaysia Sales Automobiles Malaysia’s Segmented Sales Results of Automobiles in 2021
2022.05.26 Asia (General) India Indonesia Electric Vehicles Industry Trends Batteries Asia’s EV Battery Charging Infrastructure Development
2022.05.13 Asia (General) India Indonesia Market Export Import International Trade of Motor Vehicles and Parts in Asia in 2021
2022.03.25 Malaysia Production Automobiles Malaysia’s Vehicle Production Dropped 0.7% to 482,000 Units in 2021
2022.02.18 Malaysia Sales Automobiles Malaysia’s Vehicle Sales Dropped Nearly 4% to Below 509,000 Units in 2021
2021.09.08 Malaysia Sales Automobiles Malaysia’s Automobile Sales Results in YTD June 2021
2021.06.28 Malaysia Sales Automobiles Malaysia’s Automobile Sales by Segment: Top-selling A / B Segment Performed Well, but SUVs Sharply Declined
2021.04.19 Malaysia Production Malaysia’s Automobile Production Falls 15 Percent to 490,000 Units in 2020, Dropping to 2009’s Level
2021.04.12 Malaysia Ownership Malaysia: Ownership Volume of Automobiles Reaches 16.38 Million Units, One in Two People Owns an Automobile
2021.03.08 Malaysia Sales Malaysia: Automobile Sales Drop 12.4% to 529,000 Units in 2020
2021.02.22 Malaysia Sales Policy Malaysia: 14% Decrease in Automobile Sales in 2020, but the Sales Volume Is Expected to Recover Soon
2020.10.26 Malaysia Sales Malaysia’s Automobile Sales in the First Half of 2020
2020.09.14 Malaysia Sales Policy Impact of the New Coronavirus in Malaysia: Automakers Expect Sales Recovery Due to the Sales Tax Exemption on New Vehicle Purchase
2020.09.07 Indonesia Japan Malaysia Sales Mitsubishi Motors: 2019 ASEAN Sales Fell By 1.0% To 310,000 Units, But Increased In Thailand and Vietnam Thanks To Xpander
2020.09.07 Indonesia Japan Malaysia Sales Mazda: 2019 Sales In 6 ASEAN Countries Decreased By 15.6% Due to Economic Stagnation, Aiming for Sales Recovery With CX-30 In 2020
2020.09.07 Japan Indonesia Malaysia Sales Honda Motor’s ASEAN Sales Decline 8.9% to 417,000 Units in 2019
2020.09.07 India Indonesia Malaysia Production Wheel Manufacturers Boost Investment in India to Increase Capacity, Set Up New Plants
2020.08.31 Japan Indonesia Malaysia Sales UD Trucks’s 2019 Sales Decline Over 30% in ASEAN
2020.08.24 Japan Malaysia Sales Policy Daihatsu’s Malaysian Subsidiary Perodua Increases Investment to Launch New Models
2020.08.24 Malaysia Sales Malaysia’s Automobile Market by Segment in 2019: Sales Rise 1.0% to 604,000 Units