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Malaysia’s Automobile Production Results in 2022

Malaysia's automobile production in 2022 reached a record high of 701,172 units, up 45.6% from the previous year. Due to the rise in the number of locally produced models, the increase was greater than the 41.6% increase in sales. In the first half of 2022, due to the floods in Malaysia at the end of 2021, the corona crisis and parts shortages, primarily semiconductors, production in January-February and April-May 2022 fell to a low level of around 50,000 units per month. In the latter half of the year, the easing of parts shortages and the auto sales tax exemption measures that ended in June 2022 but applied to vehicles registered until March 2023 boosted production. In August-September and November-December, production reached a high level of just under 70,000 units per month.

Bar graph: Malaysia: Production Volume of Automobiles by Type (2013-2022)Bar graph: Malaysia: Production Volume of Top Five Brands (2017-2022)
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