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2022.08.19 Taiwan Motorcycles Industry Trends Company Activities Gogoro: Becoming the De Facto Standard for BEV Motorcycles in Taiwan
2022.08.03 Taiwan Technology Electric Vehicles Company Introduction Gogoro: Aiming to Build a HaaS Business Model with Swapping Batteries
2022.06.10 Taiwan Sales Automobiles Taiwan’s Segmented Sales Results of Automobiles in 2021
2022.05.26 Asia (General) India Indonesia Electric Vehicles Industry Trends Batteries Asia’s EV Battery Charging Infrastructure Development
2022.05.13 Asia (General) India Indonesia Market Export Import International Trade of Motor Vehicles and Parts in Asia in 2021
2022.03.31 Taiwan Taiwan’s Vehicle Production Went Up 8.0% to 2.65 Million Units in 2021
2022.03.04 Taiwan Sales Automobiles Taiwan’s Vehicle Sales Dropped 1.7% to Around 450,000 Units in 2021
2021.11.09 Taiwan Production Export Taiwan’s Vehicle Production Increased in H1 2021 Driven by the Toyota Corolla Cross
2021.09.22 Taiwan Sales Automobiles Taiwan’s Automobile Sales Results in YTD June 2021
2021.07.19 Asia (General) India Nepal Motorcycles Electric Vehicles Company Introduction Overview of Asia’s Electric Motorcycle Startups
2021.06.28 Taiwan Sales Automobiles Hon Hai – PTT Alliance: Taiwan Follows the Footsteps of China and South Korea into Thailand
2021.06.21 Taiwan Sales Market Automobiles Taiwan’s Automobile Sales by Segment: SUVs Increased 20%, While Passenger Cars Declined 10% in 2020
2021.05.10 Taiwan Production Industry Trends Taiwan’s Automobile Production Drops 2% to 250,000 Units in 2020, Domestic Demand Rises Despite the Pandemic
2021.02.22 India Taiwan Sales Asian Motorcycle Sales in 2020: India Drops 23.2% But Remains the Largest Market in the World
2021.01.11 Taiwan Sales Taiwan’s Motor Vehicle Ownership in 2020
2020.12.07 Taiwan Sales Policy Overview and Recent Trends of Major Taiwanese BEV Parts Manufacturers
2020.09.28 Taiwan Sales Taiwan’s Automobile Sales in the First Half of 2020
2020.08.31 Taiwan Market Policy Taiwan’s Motorcycle Market Sees Limited Impact of the New Coronavirus
2020.07.13 Taiwan Sales Taiwan’s Automobile Sales by Segment in 2019 Increase 1.1% to 440,000 Units
2020.05.25 Taiwan Manufacturers Sales Production Yulon Plans to Improve Profitability by Reducing Development Costs and Expanding Contract Manufacturing Business