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Taiwan’s Automobile Sales Results in 2022

Taiwan’s vehicle sales decreased 4.5% year-on-year to 429,738 units in 2022. The supply shortage of semiconductors and other parts continued, so sales fell below the previous year’s level for the second consecutive year. The sales of domestic-made vehicles decreased 2.9% to 234,975 units while imported vehicle sales dropped 6.3% to 194,763 units. Imported vehicles accounted for 45.3% of the total market, falling for the third consecutive year. Passenger vehicle sales rose 1.2% to 128,791 units and commercial vehicles went up 3.9% to 66,082 units, but recreational vehicles (including SUVs) declined 9.3% to 234,865 units.

Graph: Taiwan: Sales Volume of Automobiles (2013-2022)Graph: Taiwan: Market Share of Top 5 Brands (2016-2021)
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