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Gogoro: Becoming the De Facto Standard for BEV Motorcycles in Taiwan

Gogoro entered Taiwan’s BEV motorcycle market in 2015 with the launch of its first product, the Gogoro 1 series (Gogoro Smartscooter 1), and since has established a dominant position in the country. In 2021, Gogoro sold 74,000 BEV motorcycles in Taiwan (new registration data released by MOTC). Gogoro’s market share of Taiwan’s total motorcycle market (809,000 units) was 9.1%, but it controlled 78.7% of the country’s BEV motorcycle market (94,000 units) in 2021.

Gogoro has also launched an alliance named "Powered By Gogoro Network (PBGN)" to provide its own battery swapping system to other motorcycle OEMs. Gogoro has partnered with five motorcycle makers in Taiwan, namely Yamaha, Suzuki (eReady brand), PGO, Aeon and CMC (eMoving brand), providing them its own battery swapping system. This means that almost all of Taiwan's major motorcycle OEMs have partnered with Gogoro, with the exception of two major manufacturers, KYMCO and SYM. In Taiwan’s BEV motorcycle market, the share of Gogoro and the five companies that joined the PBGN alliance reached 97% in the first half of 2021, the alliance becoming the "de facto standard" for BEV motorcycles in Taiwan.

Gogoro: Business Strategy

Five Business Strengthening AreasSales Target for 2021-2024 (As of September 2021)
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