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Gogoro: Professing Strength in In-house Powertrain Solutions Such as Swapping Batteries and Drive Units

As of February 2022, Gogoro was marketing four series of BEV motorcycle products, the Gogoro 1, Gogoro 2, Gogoro 3 and Gogoro VIVA. After launching the high-end 1 series as the first model, Gogoro has added the 2 series, 3 series and VIVA models with lower selling prices. The downward expansion of its product lineup has been a feature of Gogoro's product strategy so far.

All models developed by Gogoro use swappable batteries, with the 1, 2 and 3 series and VIVA’s advanced grades powered by two batteries, but the VIVA’s basic grade only powered by one battery. To swap batteries users need to subscribe to a battery subscription service, and a monthly fee is set according to the amount of battery used and the distance traveled.

Gogoro: Product Overview

Product Lineup

・As of February 2022, Gogoro had four series of BEV motorcycle products: Gogoro 1, Gogoro 2, Gogoro 3 and Gogoro VIVA. - All models are scooters. - Each series has high-performance grades, "Plus," "GT," and "S," so the overall lineup consists of four models each having four grades which is a total of 16 grades. - The Gogoro 1 was launched in January 2015, the Gogoro 2 in May 2017, the Gogoro 3 in May 2019 and the Gogoro VIVA in September 2019. Starting with the high-end Gogoro 1, the product prices of subsequent models have been lowered in order to expand the range of low-priced products. - In terms of Taiwanese vehicle classification, the 1, 2 and 3 series are normal heavy-duty products equivalent to 50-250cc class gasoline vehicles, and the VIVA is normal light-duty product equivalent to 50cc-or-less class gasoline vehicles.

Battery Subscription

・Gogoro has introduced a monthly subscription service for the usage of its battery swapping system. - It is a leasing service, and users can choose from various plans. - The rate plan uses a pay-per-use system in which charges are added according to the amount of battery used or the mileage based on the monthly basic charge. It has a complicated billing system, some plans have discounts applied, while others do not offer either pay-per-use or discounts.

Pricing of Battery Subscription

Plan (No. of Batteries) Basic Monthly Fee Pay-per-use Discount (Coupon)
Unlimited distance Light use (1 & 2) 299 TWD 2.3 TWD/Ah -200 TWD / month
Heavy use (2) 1,199 TWD 2.3 TWD/Ah -3,000 TWD / month
Heavy use (1) 499 TWD 2.3 TWD/Ah -1,300 TWD / month
Unlimited riding (2) 1,199 TWD None None
Unlimited riding (1) 499 TWD None None
Specified distance 315km plan (2) 499 TWD Up to 315km: None From 316km: 2.5 TWD/km None
630km plan (2) 799 TWD Up to 630km: None From 631km: 1.5 TWD/km None
Note: For the heavy use plan, the monthly basic charge is reduced to 899 TWD for two batteries and 399 TWD for one battery if the contract is for 3 months.

Gogoro: Specifications of Core Products

Gogoro: Specifications of Core Products
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