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Date Country Category Report Title
2020.06.01 China Policy China’s Economic Support Measures Includes Extension of NEV Incentives and Postponement of the China 6 Implementation
2020.05.25 China Import China’s Imported Passenger Vehicle Sales Inched Up 0.5% to 1.11 Million Units in 2019
2020.05.18 China Japan Technology “Healthy” Interior with Toxin-Free and Antiviral Materials and Decontamination Systems Is Trending
2020.05.18 China New Models Sales Policy BEV Maker Xpeng to Launch New Model, Expand Charging Network in 2020
2020.05.11 China Suppliers BorgWarner Increases Product Supply to Chinese Automakers
2020.05.04 China Sales Market China’s Passenger Vehicle Market in 2019: Total Volume Drops 9.6% to 21.44 Million Units
2020.04.27 China Production Impact of the New Coronavirus: China’s Automobile Production Drops by 1.13 Million Units in February and 1.14 Million Units in March Compared to the Previous Year
2020.04.27 China Suppliers Sales Production CALB Enhances Drive Battery Production Capacity in Anticipation of Growing Demand
2020.04.20 China Japan Production Manufacturers New Models Honda Motor in China: New Coronavirus Negatively Impacts Growing Sales Trend
2020.04.20 China Suppliers Sales Shinry Technologies: Strengthens Production, R&D to Meet Rising Demand
2020.04.13 Japan Malaysia China Technology 2021 BMW iNEXT Will Adopt ISELED, New Integrated Full-Color LED (RGB LED) System
2020.04.13 China Japan New Models Sales Japanese Luxury Brands in China: Lexus, Infiniti, Acura Focus on Expanding Their Product Lineup
2020.04.06 China Suppliers Sales Production EVE Energy Received Orders for LIB from Daimler, Kia, Increasing Production Capacity to 52GWh
2020.03.30 China S. Korea Production New Models Sales Hyundai Motor Group’s Production Dropped Below 1 Million Units in 2019 in China
2020.03.23 China New Models Sales Production Toyota Motor Focuses on Capacity, Product Development to Accelerate Electrification in China
2020.03.16 China Manufacturers New Models Sales Chery Automobile Focuses on New-energy Vehicle, Connected Technology Development
2020.03.09 China Manufacturers New Models Market China’s SUV Market: Chinese Share Declines; EU, Japanese Companies Expand Sales
2020.03.02 China Government Policy Production Impact of New Coronavirus: Chinese Automobile Production Forecast to Decline 600,000 Units in January, 1.13 Million Units in February
2020.03.02 Myanmar China Japan Manufacturers Finance Sales Toyota Motor’s Global Production and Sales Are Expected to Slightly Increase in 2020
2020.03.02 China Technology China’s BEV Charging Infrastructure Increased to 1.21 Million Charging Poles in 2019