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Star Charge Expands EV Charging Network, Enters Battery Swapping Business

This report includes information on the following topics: Key images:
  • Star Charge
  • electric vehicles
  • charging network
  • battery swapping
  • China
  • Vanke Group
  • BEV
  • public chargers
  • privately-owned chargers
  • company history
  • Wanbang Digital Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Changzhou city, Jiangsu province
  • Wanbang Digital Energy
  • founder
  • Shao Danwei
  • development
  • production
  • BEV taxi
  • JLR
  • CaoCao Mobility
  • Geely Automobile Holdings
  • VW partnership
  • Nanjing Public Utilities Development
  • Mercedes-Benz partnership
  • Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy
  • zero-emission
  • motor racing series
  • FIA Formula E Championship
  • Hubject
  • joint venture
  • State Grid Corporation of China
  • China Southern Power Grid
  • TELD New Energy
  • VW
  • FAW
  • JAC
  • number of public and privately-owned chargers
  • number of public chargers by electric current type
  • number of public chargers by application
  • number / growth rate of public charging stations
  • number of chargers in operation
  • DC chargers
  • AC chargers
  • general vehicles
  • company vehicles
  • charging output
  • monthly charging amount in kWh
  • business trends
  • investment plan
  • charging services
  • infrastructure
  • installation cost
  • CAMS New Energy Technology
  • number of parking spaces with chargers
  • free charging service for one year
  • FAW-VW’s ID model series
  • hotel charging stations
  • Langham Place
  • Schneider Electric
  • CICC Capital
  • Hillhouse Capital
  • IDG Capital
  • stock market listing
  • Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
  • R&D
  • distribution
  • big data
  • investment over the next three years
  • Changsha city, Hunan province
  • reduction of battery swapping time
  • Jiangxi Yizhi Zhixing Automotive Operations
  • Jiangxi Yizhi
  • Jiangling Group
  • Jiangxi province
  • charging network
  • maximum efficiency
  • Anhui province
  • Anhui Keda Smart Grid Technology
  • Power Construction Corporation of China
  • new energy microgrids
  • energy storage systems
  • Changzhou municipal government
  • Huaneng Jiangsu Energy Development
  • solar power generation capacity
  • Ping An International Financial Leasing
  • installation collaboration
  • charger size
  • charger weight
  • working voltage
  • communication interface
  • authentication
  • status display
  • protection level
  • working temperature
  • price
  • Aurora Series
  • 30kW
  • 60kW
  • 120kW
  • 180kW
  • 360kW
  • power supply module
  • output voltage range
  • constant output range
Graph: Star Charge: Number of Public and Privately-owned Chargers (YTD Nov. 2021) Graph: Star Charge: Number of Public Chargers by Electric Current Type (YTD Nov. 2021) Star Charge logo

Star Charge, established in in September 2014, is engaged in the development, manufacture and operation of charging equipment for BEVs. With the expansion of the BEV market, Star Charge has formed business relationships with dozens of automobile manufacturers around the world as well as real estate development companies such as China’s Vanke Group, becoming a rapidly growing startup in the BEV charging sector. As of November 2021, Star Charge operated 246,383 public chargers and 70,633 privately-owned chargers worldwide.

Star Charge: Company Overview and History (As of December 2021)

Company Overview

Legal name: Wanbang Digital Energy Co., Ltd.
Established: September 2014
Headquarters: Changzhou city, Jiangsu province
Capital: 286 million CNY
Ownership: Owned 100% by Wanbang Digital Energy
Legal rep.: Founder and Chairperson Shao Danwei
Employees: 220 people
Business scope: Development and production of charging equipment for NEVs
Footprint: Over 640,000 terminals in over 350 cities around the world
Main customers: Fifty-nine automakers including Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, JLR, VW, BYD and BAIC Motor, and real estate developers including Vanke and Evergrande Group

Company History

・Sep. 2014: The company’s predecessor Jiangsu Wanbang Dehe New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Was established. ・Feb. 2016: Installed more than 3,000 chargers for BEV taxis in Taiyuan city, Shanxi province. ・Jun. 2016: Became global supplier of JLR. ・Nov. 2016: Formed a partnership with CaoCao Mobility, the ride-hailing unit of Chinese automaker Geely Automobile Holdings, for managing chargers and vehicle service. ・Jun. 2017: Received an order for 30,000 DC chargers from real estate development company Vanke Group. ・Jun. 2017: Signed a partnership agreement with VW (China). ・Nov. 2017: Signed a partnership agreement with Nanjing Public Utilities Development for providing chargers to BEV bus charging stations in Nanjing city. ・May 2018: Signed a partnership agreement with Mercedes-Benz (China). ・Aug. 2018: Signed a cooperation agreement with Jaguar to provide assistance to the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy battery electric zero-emission international motor racing series supporting the FIA Formula E Championship ・Sep. 2018: Signed an agreement with European charging giant Hubject to build a charging network. ・Dec. 2018: Established a joint venture with electric vehicle charging service operators such as the State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid, and TELD New Energy. ・Jul. 2019: Set up a joint venture with VW, FAW and JAC to provide charging devices to BEV owners. ・Sep. 2020: Changed its name to Wanbang Digital Energy Co., Ltd. (Created using Star Charge’s PR materials)
Graph: Star Charge: Number of Public and Privately-owned Chargers (YTD Nov. 2021)Graph: Star Charge: Number of Public Chargers by Electric Current Type (YTD Nov. 2021)
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