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2021.09.16 S. Korea Sales Automobiles South Korea’s Automobile Sales Results in YTD June 2021
2021.07.05 S. Korea Sales Automobiles South Korea’s Automobile Sales by Segment: Demand Continued to Shift to Large / Premium Cars and SUVs in 2020
2021.05.17 S. Korea South Korea: Automobile Exports Dropped Below 2 Million Units in 2020; Demand Shifting to SUVs, EVs
2021.05.10 S. Korea Production Industry Trends South Korea’s Automobile Production Declines 11% to 3.51 Million Units in 2020, Dropping to 2009’s Level
2021.05.03 S. Korea Sales South Korea’s Automobile Sales Reach Record High Level in 2020 Despite the Pandemic
2021.01.04 S. Korea Sales Motor Vehicle Ownership: Automobiles Exceed 24 Million, EVs Also Increased by 2.5%
2020.10.05 S. Korea Sales South Korea’s Automobile Sales in the First Half of 2020
2020.07.27 S. Korea Sales Production Export Policy SsangYong is at Risk Due to Deficit in 2019 and Withdrawal of Capital Injection by Mahindra
2020.07.20 S. Korea Sales South Korea’s Automobile Sales by Segment in 2019 Decline 1.7% to 1.78 Million Units
2020.06.15 S. Korea Sales Policy South Korea’s EV Sales in 2019 Increased by 12%, HEV/BEV Incentives Gradually Cutting Down
2020.06.01 S. Korea Export South Korea: CBU Exports in 2019 Fell by 2% to 2.4 Million Units, 7 Consecutive Years of Decline
2020.05.04 S. Korea Sales Market South Korea’s Automobile Market in 2019: Overall Sales Decreased 1.7% to 1.79 Million Units
2020.03.30 China S. Korea Production New Models Sales Market Hyundai Motor Group’s Production Dropped Below 1 Million Units in 2019 in China
2020.03.16 Indonesia S. Korea Export Import Regulation Hyundai Announced Business Expansion in Indonesia with the IK-CEPA
2020.02.17 Japan S. Korea ASEAN Manufacturers Finance Market Grab Expands Capital, Business Tie-ups with Toyota, Yamaha, Hyundai Group
2019.12.09 S. Korea South Korea Aims for Level 3 Autonomous Driving in 2020
2019.12.09 UK Norway Sweden Germany Finland USA China Japan S. Korea Denmark Europe(General) Latest Trends in the FCEV Sector; Toyota, BMW, Fuso Announce New Concept Models
2019.10.07 USA Japan S. Korea Wireless Power Supply: Standards Are Mostly Unified, Related Technology Is Under Development