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Toyota’s Platform Strategy: Added BEV-exclusive e-TNGA to Its Conventional TNGA Lineup

In June 2019, Toyota Motor introduced new platform the e-TNGA which is aimed at speeding up BEV development. But first, let’s review the development and deployment of the TNGA or Toyota New Global Architecture which is used by conventional models. TNGA are modular unibody automobile platforms. They use low center of gravity and high rigidity to improve vehicle performance and fixes the seating and powertrain mounting positions. Each platform can be used to develop several vehicle types. The high ratio of standardized parts reduces cost. In addition, Toyota's overall product competitiveness is enhanced by shared powertrain technology that improves fuel efficiency and power performance across segments and drive systems. As of July 2019, Toyota had two platforms for FR-layout models and three for FF-layout vehicles. Based on the TNGA design concept, Toyota has developed the e-TNGA for xEV models.
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