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India’s Automobile Sales Drop in 29 Administrative Units out of 33 in 2019

This report summarizes India’s vehicle sales in 2019 by region and administrative unit. If India is divided into four regions, a northern part including the Delhi metropolitan area (NCR), a western part including Maharashtra, a southern part including Tamil Nadu, and an eastern part including West Bengal, annual sales show a double-digit decline in all four regions. Both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles dropped in all regions. India’s 2019 automobile market shrank for the first time in five years due to stagnant economic growth and rising vehicle prices in response to various automobile-related regulations.

By region, the western region decreased 12.3% year-on-year to 1.19 million units, but its overall composition ratio remained the highest with 31.1%. As for other regions, the north decreased 11.0% to 1.09 million units, the south fell 15.4% to 1.02 million units and the east dropped 14.0% to 510,000 units.

Looking at sales by administrative unit, 29 out of the 33 states and union territories declined compared to the previous year.

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