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Motor Vehicle Ownership: Automobiles Increase to 4.7 Million, Motorcycles Exceed 8 Million Units

The Philippines’ automobile ownership volume (including trailers) in 2019 stood at 4.71 million units with an increase of 278,000 units from the previous year. As a result, the automobile ownership rate went up to 43.9 units per 1,000 people.

Looking at the automobile ownership volume by type, passenger cars increased to 1.17 million units (by 64,000 units from the last year), utility vehicles to 2.29 million units (by 100,000 units), and SUVs to 675,000 units (by 70,000 units). As for commercial vehicles, the truck ownership volume increased to 475,000 units and the bus ownership volume to 37,000 units.

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