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Toyota Motor’s Recent Production and Sales Results in ASEAN

ASEAN’s share in Toyota Motor's global production and sales volume peaked in 2012 and has been on a downward trend ever since. In 2021, ASEAN accounted for about 10% of Toyota’s global production and sales. Among the five ASEAN countries where Toyota manufactures automobiles, Thailand, where the automaker has an annual production capacity of 770,000 units, accounts for 60% of Toyota’s production in ASEAN. Meanwhile, in terms of sales, Toyota's largest market in ASEAN is Indonesia, accounting for nearly 40% of all sales in the region, followed by Thailand with about 30%.

Toyota Motor: Global Sales Volume and ASEAN’s Ratio (2007-2021)Toyota Motor: Global Production Volume and ASEAN’s Ratio (2007-2021)Toyota Motor: Global Production & Sales Structures by Country / Region (2021)
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