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Daihatsu Motor’s 2023 Sales Results of Automobiles in Japan

Daihatsu Motor’s automobile sales in Japan in 2023 increased by 3.3% from the previous year to 594,501 units, but its market share declined by 1.3 points to 12.4%. Although the sales of light vehicles (660cc and below) went up by 5.0% to 565,928 units, their market share decreased by 0.5 point to 32.4%. The sales of standard vehicles (over 660cc) dropped by 21.9% to 28,5730 units.

Daihatsu Tanto’s sales increased by 47.8% from the previous year to 159,392 units, while sales of the Move Canbus rose by 49.4% from the previous year to 83,440 units.

Daihatsu suspended factory shipments in December 2023 due to a series of certification fraud issues. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is conducting tests to confirm compliance with the standards of the Road Transport Vehicle Act on vehicles that have been involved in fraudulent transactions. Although the suspension of shipments has been lifted for some models, the timing for the lifting and resumption of shipments and production for other models has not yet been determined.

Graph: Daihatsu Motor: Sales Volume of Automobiles and Market Share in Japan (2018-2023)Graph: Daihatsu Motor: Monthly Sales Volume of Automobiles in Japan (Jan. 2021-Dec. 2023)
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