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Overview and Recent Trends of Major Taiwanese BEV Parts Manufacturers

This article gives a general overview and recent trends of major Taiwanese electric vehicle parts suppliers. Reduction gear maker Hota Industrial Mfg., and drive motor manufacturers Fukuta Electric & Machinery, TECO Electric & Machinery, and Adlee Powertronic have become some of Taiwan’s largest BEV parts makers, expanding their product supply globally including components supplied to Tesla.

Hota Industrial Mfg., a Tier 1 supplier of reduction gears, is working to increase production capacity in Taiwan in anticipation of growing demand for BEV parts. The company has two manufacturing bases in Taiwan and is currently building a third one (as of 2020) which is scheduled to start operation in 2021–2022. In addition, Hota announced in May 2020 that it plans to begin construction of a fifth plant in 2022. Apart from the Tesla’s Model S, Model X and Model 3, Hota is apparently supplying reduction gears to the Model Y as well.

For Taiwanese BEV parts suppliers, Tesla and Taiwanese electric motorcycle manufacturers are their main clients, but as part of their business diversification attempts, they are also stepping up supplies to ASEAN and India. Delta Electronics, a major electronic component maker, is focusing on investments related to BEV charging equipment in Thailand and India. In December 2019, the company opened the E-Mobility Tech Experience Center in India with the aim of building an ecosystem of BEV charging solutions. TECO Electric & Machinery, a major motor supplier, announced in October 2019 to set up a joint venture with Japan’s Mitsui & Co. The joint venture will manufacture drive motors for BEVs and high-efficiency motors for industrial use.

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