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Nissan Motor at JMS: Promoting Electric Mobility, EV Ecosystem, Intelligent Technology

At the Japan Mobility Show (JMS) held from October to November 2023, Nissan Motor announced three directions for the value it provides through mobility to make the world more exciting: (1) electric mobility, (2) EV ecosystem, and (3) intelligent technology. Three actual vehicle concept models and two digital concept models were displayed that embody this idea.

The Hyper Force, which was unveiled for the first time at the Japan Mobility Show’s press briefing, is a sports concept reminiscent of the next model of Nissan's iconic GT-R. It features both high environmental performance and dynamic performance and is the first in the world to be equipped with new technology that allows the driver to tune the suspension and stabilizer while driving on a screen. The vehicle provides a new type of experience that seamlessly connects the virtual world (games) and the real world (actual cars). The technology was developed by Nissan in collaboration with Polyphony Digital, a Sony subsidiary which engaged in game software development.

Another model which was displayed was the Hyper Punk which is an urban CUV concept that emphasizes the value of customization for each user in terms of infotainment through connectivity. The third model which was exhibited was the Hyper Tourer, which is reminiscent of Elgrand's next model. The vehicle defines a new form of hospitality by allowing users to move around in a space where they feel most relaxed, such as the living room. It emphasizes fully automated driving which allows all users to relax without being bothered by the external environment.

The two digital concept models demonstrated the value of keeping models up to date through OTA software updates and hardware replacement, as well as the future vision of using BEVs as moving power plants and the key to energy supply. However, many of these values have already been demonstrated both by Nissan and by competing OEMs.

Nissan Motor: Key Messages from the JMS Press Briefing
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