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Toyota Motor’s Sales, Production and Exports Results in Thailand in 2021

Toyota Motor has set a vehicle sales target of 284,000 units for 2022 in Thailand, up 18.5% from the previous year, and a market share of 33.0%, up 1.4 pp. Compared to the pre-corona level of 2019, Toyota is expecting an 85% recovery of sales and full recovery of market share. In 2021, due to the effects of the corona lockdown and other factors, sales decreased 1.9% to 239,723 units. Meanwhile production increased 15.9% to 518,981 units and exports went up 35.5% to 291,722 units.

Bar graph: Toyota Motor: Production and Export Volume of Automobiles in Thailand (Actual: 2016-2021, Target: 2022)
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