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Interview: E-Axle Supplier Nidec Aims for 4 Trillion JPY in Automotive Business in 2030

Nidec Corporation, a manufacturer and distributor of electric motors, aims to raise sales to 10 trillion JPY in 2030, of which 4 trillion JPY is expected to be generated by its automotive business. Nidec aims to use BEV and other electric vehicle drive motors to capture top share in the world in an effort to achieve its goal. In addition, the company is working on expanding its product lineup of E-Axle that combines motors, inverters and gears, increasing production capacity ahead of other companies, and boosting in-house production of parts and production equipment that are likely to become bottlenecks in order to accelerate deployment speed.

Excerpts from an Interview with a representative of Nidec Corporation, February 2022
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