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eve autonomy Streamlines On-Site Transportation with Self- driving BEV Mobility

eve autonomy, a joint venture between two Japanese companies motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha Motor and software provider Tier IV, announced on November 30, 2022 that they will start offering eve auto, an unmanned transportation service using Japan’s first autonomous driving BEV. Since its establishment in February 2020, eve autonomy has developed an automatic transport service, eve auto, to solve the needs of high-mix low-volume production and chronic labor shortages at factory logistics sites.

It has been introduced on a trial basis at Yamaha Motor's own factories. The self-driving BEV vehicle FG-01 used for the eve auto service aims to reduce costs by developing it based on a land vehicle manufactured by Yamaha Motor Power Products. However, in order to run inside narrow spaces, it was necessary to shorten the vehicle’s wheelbase, so it was decided to develop a new frame. Although a new frame was adopted, the suspension, steering, brakes, motor and other components of the existing land vehicle can be mounted on the frame, making it possible to partially share the production line. Since the existing line of Yamaha Motor Power Products can be utilized, the system is capable of mass-producing hundreds of FG-01 units.

As of the end of November 2022, the eve auto service has been introduced to nine companies in Japan including Prime Polymer and Panasonic. In the future, it will be developed as an automatic transportation subscription type service with a monthly fee of 380,000 JPY throughout Japan. Targeting factories and warehouses that currently use forklifts, eve autonomy aims to introduce the service to 200 locations by fiscal 2023 and a cumulative total of 1,000 locations by fiscal 2025 by appealing the added value of working environment and safety.

eve autonomy: Overview of Company and Services

Company Overview

・Trade name: eve autonomy, Inc. ・Established: February 2020 ・Representative: Masanori Yonemitsu, Representative Director & CEO ・Headquarters: 3001-10 Kuno, Fukuroi, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan ・Capital: 200 million JPY (capital reserve included) ・Business Activities: Development, sales, leasing and renting of self-driving vehicles and industrial trolley carts. Provision of autonomous transportation services.

Overview of the Automated Transport Service eve auto

・eve auto combines autonomous driving BEVs exclusively developed by Yamaha Motor with the commercial software platforms Pilot.Auto and Web.Auto provided by Japanese software company Tier IV. It is an automated transport subscription type service that packages aftersales support such as regular maintenance and map editing, and exclusive insurance for automated driving system providers. eve autonomy provides practical advice and support such as devised points and countermeasures for operation based on introduction examples. The monthly fee is 380,000 JPY excluding tax. In 2023, the company plans to prepare a plan to sell only the vehicle. - Pilot.Auto is an autonomous driving software platform based on Autoware, an open source software for autonomous driving developed by Tier IV. The company provides reference designs that include both software and hardware such as computer sensors. - Web.Auto is a software platform for the development, operation and maintenance of autonomous driving systems. The company provides driving simulation, which is an essential foundation for efficient autonomous driving development, and functions such as operation management and remote monitoring for safe operation and maintenance of autonomous driving vehicles on the cloud. - Insurance for self-driving system providers is provided by Sompo Japan Insurance.

Overview of the Vehicle

・eve auto’s model is the compact BEV “FG-01” that uses “Pilot.Auto.” It is based on a land vehicle manufactured by Yamaha Motor. Its towing capacity is 1.5 tons, loading capacity is 300 kg, climbing ability 12° and can climb up to a 3 cm step. ・The FG-01 was developed with the following five points in mind: ① compact vehicle capable of logistics inside and between buildings, ② can tow and haul, ③ people-friendly and easily recognizable from the surroundings, ④ can avoid obstacles, and ⑤ provides easy route setting.

Hardware Configuration

Diagram: Hardware Configuration
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