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Bosch, Benteler Jointly Develop BEV Platform, Targeting Emerging OEMs in China

The development of BEV-only platform has begun with VW’s MEB, and production of the first model the ID.3 based on MEB is scheduled to start at the end of 2019. Japanese automakers announced their own BEV-only platforms Toyota’s e-TNGA and Honda’s Honda e in 2019. In Europe, there has been a trend to jointly develop BEV-only platforms among suppliers. For example, Bosch and Benteler announced a joint development plan in April 2019. Bosch is in charge of electric axle and electronic control system, electric power steering, brake system, software development and system integration, and Benteler is responsible for overall chassis development. Both companies plan to sell this BEV-only platform mainly to emerging OEMs in China. In April 2019, the two companies exhibited a prototype (BEDS 2.0) at the Shanghai Motor Show. BEDS 2.0 features variability for a wide range of segments from B to E. In order to improve the collision safety of batteries mounted under the floor, an aluminum extruded body frame is used, and an impact absorbing system is installed at the front. The frame is joined together without using much welding, instead mainly cold joint with adhesive and rivets is used. Rubber bushes are used mostly for sub-frame assembly and electric axle mounting, taking NVH also into consideration. It also has a cooling circuit that circulates around the battery and electric axle. The platform is also compatible with both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive wireless charging. Co-development with Benteler for Bosch offers the opportunity to market a variety of electric-related products in packages.
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