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Mercedes-Benz Maintains Top Position Among Foreign Brands in Japan

Mercedes-Benz's sales volume in Japan was 45,584 units from January to November 2023, nearly on par with the previous year. As a foreign brand, it overtook VW to take the number one spot in 2015, and has maintained the same position ever since, with a market share of around 21%. Mercedes-AMG models accounted for 6.7% and BEVs for 7.3% of global vehicle sales in 2022, but in Japan they accounted for 17.8% and 8.9% respectively from January to November 2023.

ICEV models accounted for 98% of sales in 2017 but dropped to 58% from January to November 2023. The automaker is expanding its MHEV product lineup, which is equipped with BSG and ISG, which function as starters and generators, MHEV share increasing from 0.6% to 32% during the same period. Furthermore, depending on market conditions, Mercedes-Benz plans to make all models BEV globally by 2030. Driven by the EQB, BEV sales doubled compared to the same period last year, expanding its share to 9%.

Table Data: Mercedes-Benz: Sales Volume of Automobiles in Japan by Model (2017-2022, YTD November 2022 / 2023)
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