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Generator Gas Turbines: Intended for Series HEV, REEV; Noise, Waste Heat Processing Pose Challenge

For series hybrid and range-extender electric vehicles the engine’s sole purpose is power generation. Since transient and partial load driving cycles no longer pose any serious obstacles thanks to advancement in power generation development, several engine technologies, which were suspended or abandoned altogether before, are now in the limelight again. One of the examples is Mazda’s plan to revive rotary engines to be used as range extenders. In addition, some suppliers began proposing installing gas turbines in to passenger vehicles. The concept of generating power by a gas turbine to propel the motor has been around for some decades. Toyota unveiled the Sports 800 Gas Turbine Hybrid model in 1977 at the Tokyo Motor Show. In 2010, JLR unveiled the plug-in hybrid concept C-X75 a series hybrid model fitted with two diesel gas turbines which fed four SR motors. However, these models were never commercially available. Apart from some commercial vehicles, they never made it to the mass-production stage.
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