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Haomo.AI Aims to Realize Level 4 Autonomous Driving by 2023

This report includes information on the following topics: Key images:
  • Haomo.AI
  • company overview
  • history
  • future plans
  • Beijing
  • Zhang Kai
  • Great Wall Holding Group
  • Autonomous driving systems
  • unmanned small delivery vehicles
  • facility locations
  • Shanghai
  • Baoding (Hebei province)
  • Gu Weihao
  • Hou Jun
  • Zhen Longbao
  • i-Pilot Zhihui Linghang
  • investors
  • Shougang Group
  • Meituan
  • Hillhouse Capital Group
  • Modai
  • WEY Moka
  • Xiaomohe 1.0
  • stock exchange listing
  • STAR Market
  • Great Wall Motor
  • Autobrain
  • Baidu
  • ArcherMind Technology
  • Thundersoft
  • semiconductor
  • Qualcomm
  • Mobileye
  • Texas Instruments
  • Infineon Technologies
  • Renesas Electronics
  • products
  • services
  • Flex
  • Autonavi
  • Ibeo
  • Hesai Technology
  • NavInfo
  • Robosense
  • retail
  • delivery
  • Wumart
  • driving support systems
  • automatic deceleration
  • ETC gates
  • sensor redundancy
  • millimeter-wave radar
  • cameras
  • solid-state laser radar
  • ultrasonic radar
  • high-precision maps
  • brake system
  • ESP
  • iBooster
  • AI learning
  • driving style
  • level 4 autonomoy
  • design
  • aftersales service
  • public roads
  • annual production capacity
  • motor output
  • battery capacity
  • maximum speed
  • real-time monitoring system
  • services and technology
  • Alibaba
  • Dmall
Haomo.AI logo

Haomo Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd. (Haomo.AI) was established by Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor in November 2019. The company, which develops and manufactures autonomous driving systems and unmanned small delivery vehicles, is based on the automaker’s Intelligent Drive System Development Division.

Haomo.AI’s Level 2 driving support system Xiaomohe 1.0 was installed in two models of Great Wall Motor as of October 2021 which figure is planned to be increased to 34 by the end of 2022. It provides driving support on highways and public roads in urban areas. Regarding unmanned small delivery vehicles, Haomo.AI boasts an integrated system from design to management and aftersales service. In addition to providing vehicles, contract development, and OEM production, the company also offers management and monitoring platforms.

Haomo.AI: Company Overview, History and Future Plans


Legal name: Haomo Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd.
Haomo.AI logo
Short name: Haomo.AI
Headquarters: Beijing
Established: November 2019
Legal rep.: Chairperson Zhang Kai
Capital: 120 million CNY
Ownership: Great Wall Holding Group 35.5%, Great Wall Motor Technology 33.9%, etc.
Business scope: Autonomous driving systems, unmanned small delivery vehicles (CBU and chassis)
Employees: Approx. 500
Facility locations: Shanghai, Baoding (Hebei province)
Top management:
Position / Name Past Employment
Chairperson: Zhang Kai ・General manager of Great Wall Motor’s Intelligent Drive System Development Division.
CEO: Gu Weihao ・General manager of Baidu’s Smart Car Business Division.
COO: Hou Jun ・Technical manager of Huawei (Sichuan). ・Director of a subsidiary of Baidu.
CIO: Zhen Longbao ・Chief engineer of Great Wall Motor’s technical center ・Director of Great Wall Motor’s Intelligent Drive System Development Division.

History and Future Plans

・2015: Haomo.AI’s predecessor Intelligent Drive System Development Division of Great Wall Motor was established. ・2017: Introduced the i-Pilot Zhihui Linghang autonomous driving platform. ・Nov. 2019: The division was spun off and became an independent company named Haomo.AI Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd. ・Feb. 2021: Raised funds in a pre-series A round. - Leading investor was state-owned steel company Shougang Group followed by shopping platform Meituan and private equity firm Hillhouse Capital Group. ・Apr. 2021: Unveiled the next-generation unmanned small delivery vehicle Modai developed for Meituan. ・May 2021: Great Wall Motor launched the WEY Moka (also called Mocha, Mocca or Coffee 01) midsize crossover SUV equipped with Haomo’s autonomous driving system Xiaomohe 1.0. ・2022: Aims to become profitable. ・2023: Aims to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s STAR Market (China’s science and technology focused equities market) and complete development of Level 4 autonomous driving technology. ・2024: The number of passenger vehicles equipped with Haomo.AI's Xiaomohe 1.0 system is aimed to reach 1 million units. (Created using Haomo.AI’s PR materials and various media sources)
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