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Indonesia’s Automobile Sales by Segment: Best-selling Small MPV Segment Dropped 55% in 2020

Indonesia’s automobile market decreased 48.5% from the preceding year to 532,000 units in 2020. The total market almost halved due to the strong impact of the new coronavirus and the tightening of new car loans. As a result, core vehicle models and segments decreased by around 50%.

Looking at sales performance by vehicle type and segment, passenger cars decreased 46.6% to 88,000 units. Of which, the A segment fell 46.1% to 28,000 units. The Daihatsu Ayla dropped 40.8% to 13,000 units, narrowly overtaking the Toyota Agya which declined 48.4%. The B segment dropped 47.4% to 57,000 units. While several major models decreased by more than 50%, the rate of decline of Honda’s Brio Satya and Brio, ranked first and second in 2020, was smaller compared to other models. Honda dominated the top three positions in the segment for the second consecutive year, including the Honda Jazz, which maintained third place.

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